Top 10 baits for asp

Asp is a predatory fish that is distinguished not only by its aggressiveness, but also by its timidity. A representative of the carp family prefers river areas with warm water and intense currents. An adult can reach 1.2-1.3 m in length. The maximum weight of an asp is 12-12.5 kg. To successfully catch asp, experienced fishermen recommend using spoons. Which of them are the most catchy and what is their difference?

Description and features of the asp

The peculiarity of the asp is that at different times of the year it is worth looking for fish in different parts of the reservoir. After spawning and in the autumn months, the asp prefers places of medium depth with a weak or moderate current. In the summer months, the asp fish moves to the upper layer of water, and closer to night or during the rainy period, the fish swims to depth. Representatives of cyprinids like to live on riffles and shallow rapids, in places where the current loses speed.

In order to feed itself, the predator hunts small fish, which it eats in large quantities.

He can also enjoy:

  • frogs;
  • insects;
  • crayfish.

Having seen the prey, the asp begins to splash, which makes it easier for the fisherman to find its habitat.

When catching a predator that is standing at the surface of the water surface, you should throw the bait with a minimum splash. To achieve a similar result, you can cast the spinner while maintaining a flat trajectory. Before the bait starts to fall, experienced anglers recommend slowing down the rotation of the reel. In this case, it is important to raise the tip of the tackle. It is unacceptable to repeat casts in the same place many times. The frightened fish will hasten to leave the dangerous area. The spinner should be driven at such a speed that it is 12-15 cm from the surface of the water surface. It is not recommended to slow down the wiring pace. A representative of the cyprinids will definitely catch up with the bait and make a sharp bite.

Characteristics of asp spinners

An asp spinner is an artificial bait for fish that resembles a metal plate equipped with one or more hooks. It can be made from various materials.

During the production process they use:

  • bronze;
  • aluminum;
  • brass;
  • stainless steel and other materials.

As a rule, bright shades of material, such as red, yellow, and silver, are used to catch a predator.

Manufacturers produce a large number of spinners that are designed for catching sheresper.

Rotating type baits are often used, which have a number of differences in:

  • petal shape;
  • loading

According to the load, baits are produced in a front-loaded variety, rear-loaded and without weight.

The outlines of the petals of spinners can be:

  • oval;
  • elongated;
  • elongated oval.

When selecting the weight of the device, it is important to take into account the weight of the fish being hunted quietly. When fishing in shallow water, it is better to purchase an asp spinner with a minimum sinker weight. If you plan to fish on rivers with strong currents, you should give preference to weighted models.

In order to return with a good catch, it is important to follow the recommendations of experienced fishermen, which are presented below:

  • for asp fishing, it is better to use spinners with elongated petals;
  • You should not give preference to too heavy loads, this will complicate the process of casting bait;
  • To ensure stable play in the current, you should purchase devices of a compact size.

It is also worth considering that heavy baits are intended for use during winter fishing. For fishing in the warm season, it is advisable to select small spoons for asp, the weight of which does not exceed 15 g. Such a device can be cast at a distance of 85-90 m from the coastline.

Is there a universal spinning rod?

What if you need a universal spinning rod of medium power

(5-25g.), for example, for fishing with popular techniques: jig and twitching.
Is it possible to choose a universal option here? In this case, spinning can be called universal only under certain conditions

Condition 1.

If baits of approximately the same weight (10-18g) are used.

Condition 2.

If the universal rod length is used, which is about 7.6 feet or 2.29 meters.

Condition 3.

The spinning rod must be of high quality. Made from high modulus carbon fiber and assembled in Japan. Such spinning rods have a complex structure that can suit different conditions. The spinning material will provide a high level of sensitivity and control over the bait (in jigging and twitching).

Only under specific conditions:

Short twitching spinning rods (up to 2.1 m) or long jigging rods (2.7-3 m) will work perfectly only for the purposes for which it is made. They will be less suitable for some other tasks, and not suitable for others at all. They cannot be called universal in any way.

We've sorted out the nuances of versatility. Now let's talk about choosing a spinning rod.

These characteristics almost completely describe the fishing rod for a particular body of water. So, the length allows you to determine the casting distance, having a direct relationship - the longer, the further. The test, in turn, shows how heavy the bait can be delivered to the desired area of ​​the reservoir and partially determines what weight of fish is expected to be caught.

As mentioned above, spinning is a universal tackle. However, if when fishing from a boat the set of criteria is very limited, since fishing is actually carried out in open space, then when casting from the shore, all possible influencing factors must be taken into account. It is necessary to pay attention first of all to the following characteristics:

Neglecting at least one of these factors can lead to complete discomfort during fishing and its accompaniment by constant snagging on coastal vegetation, tangling of the fishing line and, as a result, the end of fishing. In order to wisely choose a spinning rod for fishing from the shore, you need to understand the parameters described below.

Price and type of rod

Before buying a spinning blank, you need to carefully study the market, since there are a huge number of offers there. And very often you can find a budget rod within 3,000 rubles, which in its characteristics will be similar to a product produced by a famous brand and having a retail price of 30,000 rubles and above.

And yet, despite the fact that the brand is a significant, but not fundamental, circumstance, it should be noted that among both beginners and experienced fishermen, rods from Daiwa and Shimano have a good reputation; manufacturers Banax, Nissin, Tenryu are a little less known. The range of these companies is very large and allows you to choose a set of rods for the required type of fishing.

Tips for fisherman: Astrakhan balyk recipe in Astrakhan - How to best use

Based on their technical design, forms are divided into plug-in and telescopic. The first ones consist mainly of two parts and are connected end-to-end using a plug connection. This guarantees them high strength, uniform load distribution and, accordingly, excellent balance.

Rods of the second type are very outdated; their only advantage is their compactness during transportation, which made them popular mainly among lovers of float and bottom tackle. Accordingly, when fishing with spinning tackle from the shore, it is better to give preference to a plug form.

Primary parameters for choosing a fishing rod: test and length

These characteristics almost completely describe the fishing rod for a particular body of water. So, the length allows you to determine the casting distance, having a direct relationship - the longer, the further. The test, in turn, shows how heavy the bait can be delivered to the desired area of ​​the reservoir and partially determines what weight of fish is expected to be caught.

Rods have a very different test, and extreme values ​​can be from tenths to a unit of grams when fishing with ultra-light baits, and from tens to hundreds of grams when hunting fish such as taimen, salmon, catfish or very large pike using special oscillating spinners. Universal values ​​for most reservoirs when fishing from the shore will be 7-30 grams, 5-15 grams, 5-25 grams or close to them, i.e., no more than 30 grams and lying in a wide range.

It should be remembered that it is better to choose a test with a small margin, ideally so that the mass of the bait is its average value. As an example, if you plan to cast a spinner weighing from 7 to 15 grams, then a rod test of 5-25 grams would be ideal.

Rod build

This parameter should be displayed in a separate column, since it ultimately characterizes the form of the rod and determines what baits will be used for fishing. In fact, it indicates the information content of the tackle when casting, retrieving and retrieving, depending on the type of equipment. Despite the fact that this is a separate and very large topic, you should at least superficially study this parameter in order to correctly select a spinning rod for fishing from the shore.

The action is indicated on the form of the rod; it is convenient to divide it into three types:

So, as can be seen from the description, for beginners or anglers who do not have sufficient information about the reservoir, it is recommended to use a medium or, as it is called, semi-parabolic system. This rod will allow you to use a wide range of baits, provide optimal casting and comfortable fishing.

The quality of the rod blank

Guide rings on the rod blank are also made of different materials, but all-metal ones are increasingly leaving their positions, and their place is being taken by designs with various spacers made of ceramics, Teflon, etc. This innovation eliminates the unpleasant phenomenon of the fishing line rubbing against the ring material, followed by breakage and loss of valuable bait.

Zerger , I assume that you put spinning rods to the vote that can be used specifically for asp fishing? Do I understand correctly that I can use the search, read reviews and make decisions for myself on any stick from the list?

Of the sticks, the ones that I personally caught were: 1 - Lamiglas Certified Pro LLS , 2.92 m, with a test of 3.0-10.0 g - the stick is not bad, but it did not become the basis, since it was supplanted by the main one at that time.

3- ST.Croix LES 86MF2 , up to 21 g. Excellent long-range shooter from the salmon series, replaced my old Calqueta in 2010 to this day. There are no complaints, all the excellent advantages of pure asp (range, accuracy and jerk control), allows It’s still decent to jig from the shore. One of the best all-rounders for shore guards.

Now there will be a lot of letters, if you are too lazy to read, then you can go below - straight to the list of fishing rods.

A certain paradox emerges - flexible and flexible rods for thin lines with decent rigidity and minimal residual vibrations for jerking animation

Now you can decide on the models: 1. Silver Stream Taifun N TN802 UL (from the new series, on the old ones the rings are too heavy and overload the tip for animation of walkers, casting with one hand is inconvenient) 2. Yamaga Blanks Battle Whip BW-82MLX (the best from the list for work with walkers) 3. Tict B4 Befo bFO-80T (the rings on the tip are not the best and there may be problems with walkers) 4. Norstream Stage SG-86L or SG-86ML 5. Graphiteleader Rivolta GRIS 772L (the shortest on the list, but longer than Tira)

If someone adds to my short list, I will be only glad.

I tried to put all the rods mentioned in this topic into a poll at the top of the topic, I hope my colleagues will help you decide. Good luck with your choice!

Zerger , I assume that you put spinning rods to the vote that can be used specifically for asp fishing? Do I understand correctly that I can use the search, read reviews and make decisions for myself on any stick from the list?

And now why I started asking questions in the graphite leader thread. In my city, where fishing rods are problematic in general, a certain number of them were brought, and so I wondered, could this be suitable for catching asp? But, as far as I remember, the Rivolta you cited is not available in the store, but the Tiro 762L is available. I asked a question about Tiro, but didn’t get much information. Something like that.

Tips for fisherman: Asp balyk recipe with photos step by step - All the nuances

I am sure that it will not be suitable for the tasks of catching asp, as a long-range one. Since I caught with this Zed smaller up to 10g (Zedd 76L), at a height of 2.29 m. My partner has such a spinning rod, so when fishing with the same weights, and this is Light , then we used weights of 6-8-10-12 g, so my Arion 76 also weighed up to 12 g, it moved it quite easily.

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You can use monofilament and braided cord when rigging a spinning tackle for asp. The first, given the aggressiveness of the predator, has some advantage. Both fishing line and cord must have a breaking force of at least 5 kg.

Top 10 spinners for asp

Which spinners are the most catchy when catching asp? And so, below we will look at the 10 best models for asp fishing.

Mepps Aglia Long

A distinctive feature of the Mepps Aglia Long bait is the presence of a special petal shape (willow leaf). Thanks to such outlines, less resistance in the water and stable rotation of the petal are achieved. The speed of movement of the bait cannot change, which allows it not to jump out of the water surface in strong currents. The petal of the device has less windage in comparison with other spinners, which allows for the longest cast.

Design features allow you to catch asp in various reservoirs. The spoon will show excellent results even with strong currents, sluggish bite and at great depths.


The popular Castmaster model, the advantage of which is its versatility, ease of fishing, flight range and stability with fast serves. Even in strong currents, the bait is kept close to the surface of the water.

The cost of Castmaster is affordable for most anglers.

Renegade Iron Minnow

The Renegade Iron Minnow is a great option for consistent retrieves. The body of the device is quite heavy, resembling the shape of a bar, with two wire loops at the ends, and an additional tee with a front sight.

The bait has proven itself well when fishing with a uniform, step-by-step action. It can be easily thrown over long distances. In a specialized store it is worth purchasing a variety of spinners for asp fishing, differing in weight and color.

Russian three-edge Sabunaeva

Sabunaev's Russian trihedral can be used for fishing both in the cold season and in the summer. It copes well with fishing in the water column, near the surface of the water surface and near the bottom surface.

A triangular plate coated with silver or brass can be purchased at a specialty store. With the help of the device, the fisherman can perform various games.

Daiwa Silver Creek Masau

The exterior design of Daiwa Silver Creek Masau was carefully thought out by specialists. The shape of the oscillating spinner is elongated. If desired, you can catch asp on rivers with strong currents. The body of the device is made with a specific depression and special bends of the tail. This allows for stable play at any current speed.

Daiwa makes it easy to cast over long distances. The body is painted in tones as close as possible to the color scheme of real fish. An interesting dance in the water, performed by Daiva Silver, helps to attract the interest of the predator. The presence of imitation scales and holographic eyes adds realism to the bait.

Devon Dragonfly

Devon Dragonfly is a bait that is equipped with a pair of turbines rotating in opposite directions. This avoids the problem of line twisting when fishing in a body of water with a strong current.

Increased turbulence between a pair of turbines helps to increase the attractiveness of the bait among predatory fish. Manufacturers coat the turbine with silver, which makes the scales look realistic.

Kosadaka Quant V2

The Kosadaka Quant V2 spinner without a core is lightweight and has an external, replaceable fish weight. When quietly hunting for asp with a Kosadak spinner, it is better to use stepped wiring. During the animation, the weight will act as a jig.

The fish weight can be easily detached and replaced with heavier analogues. If desired, the turntable can be used without additional loading. The standard tee should be replaced with a single non-meshing one. To do this, you will need to slightly pull the spring towards you. The tee can be easily removed from the equipment.


The compact and heavy Hopkins jig is not a spinner bait, but an excellent jig bait. When casting, Hopkins flies quickly, which is a definite advantage.

For quiet hunting, experts recommend using regular and stepped wiring. The fish begins to bite during the fall of the spoon.


The presence of a scaly surface in the Spinkaster allows the predator to mistake the bait for natural food. A metal form rises quickly from the water surface.

A significant advantage of the product is considered to be a high level of wear resistance and the possibility of use in both summer and winter fishing. Petals work most effectively with low-speed wiring.

Bay De Noc Swedish Pimple

The interesting shape of the Bay De Noc Swedish Pimple spoon resembles a willow leaf, painted in amazing colors. The surface of the spoon is treated like crushed ice, which is very popular with predatory fish. A large number of models, differing in weight and color, allow everyone to choose the ideal device for catching asp. The use of an additional bead-type attachment will help to excellently entice predatory fish.

Small models can be used for light tackle fishing or quiet ice hunting. To achieve maximum catchability, you should use a single bait hook hooked to a tee. Such a change in appearance will have a positive effect on the results of fishing.

Top 7 wobblers for catching asp

Kikuchi Bay Fighter Si 70S

Shiny and looking like natural fish prey, this wobbler is perfect for asp fishing. This model has long been loved by experienced fishermen, however, at the moment it is becoming increasingly difficult to get, especially if you do not take it from the hands of other fishermen. And this will be difficult to do, because the bait has almost become legendary.

Tips for fisherman: Where is the asp fish found in Russia - Let’s take it step by step

Ever Green Mo-Do Wildhunch SR

Another silver wobbler from another Japanese manufacturer. The size of the wobbler is close to the size of the asp prey and is 5 centimeters. Their features include a rattle that attracts the attention of fish, as well as an ergonomic body that will serve you for many years.

Saurus CD-Rex 70

Another Japanese. The bait is widely known among professional fishermen, while beginners are almost unfamiliar with this wobbler. But in vain, since this 7-centimeter wobbler has proven itself to be extremely effective when fishing for predatory fish - pike, perch and, of course, asp.

Rapala Husky Jerk

This almost universal bait is known to many fishermen and has long established itself as a reliable and effective wobbler. The shape and size of the bait allows it to become an excellent tool for fishing in still water and in reservoirs with weak currents.

Lucky Craft Flat CB MR

Another reliable and proven wobbler. Despite the almost complete noiselessness of the bait, it has a mixed center of gravity and a universal pattern of vibrations, which makes it suitable for asp fishing. The color of the wobbler is also suitable for our reservoirs.

Jackall Brosrry 44 CheF

The most non-standard representative of this top. It has an unusual shape and color (bright light green combined with yellow), as well as a loud rattle. The sounds and movements of this wobbler are extremely effective when fishing for asp. And its size and weight make it suitable not only for asp, but also for many other predators. The only drawback is that it will be practically useless in muddy waters.

Smith D-direct 55S

A heavy wobbler that you should try when others have not helped. It extremely quickly sinks to the maximum depth for asp fishing, where it begins its oscillating movements at the slightest movements of underwater vegetation, which makes it an effective bait for asp fishing. Bright colors and strong shine make it universal for any water and weather, turbidity level and light level.

  1. Form length.
  2. Test.
  3. Build.
  4. Rod weight.
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