districts of the Moscow region
Fishing in the Moscow region - Pestovskoye Reservoir
The creation and operation of the Pestovskoe reservoir is part of a grandiose project of the 30s. last century, by construction
Fishing in the Voronezh region
The Voronezh region can boast of its water resources. Total length of rivers throughout the territory
Catching carp
Promising chub sites
Carp is a wild form of carp. It surpasses its domesticated relative both in size,
Lake Vozhe
Fish biting forecast in Lake Vozhe
Lake Vozhe, a photo of which is presented in the article, is located near the border between Vologda and
Fishing in the wilderness
How to choose a catchy place for winter fishing
January and February are the most difficult months for anglers. Snowstorms give way to severe frosts when
Fishing on the lower Volga
Yuri 07/19/2020 837 Pike fishing is not just an exciting activity, but also an entire art.
Park boundary diagram
Paanajärvi National Park - summer fishing overview
Paanajärvi National Park is located in the northern tip of the Republic of Karelia on the border with Finland. From
Baikal fishing
“There are fish here!”: 7 places to go for the best fishing
Baikal sevbaikal.ru/tury/rybalka-i-splavy What to catch: grayling, whitefish, omul, lenok, burbot. When to go: from January 15
Where to go in Karelia by car, as a savage, in summer, winter, fishing, with a child. Top interesting places
The unique Republic of Karelia The Republic of Karelia is located in the north-west of Russia, on the border with Finland. She
15 best fishing spots in the Rostov region. Free and paid
Free fishing spots in the Rostov region Don River Don is the oldest river in Europe
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