Would you like tea or coffee? About choosing polymer shoes
Place Name Characteristics in the ranking Best domestic manufacturers of boots for winter fishing 1 Nordman
Fish on the Irtysh
Fishing on the Irtysh by season and the best fishing spots
The Irtysh is rightfully considered the deepest and most fish-rich river in the Omsk region. On the pond every year
TOP 5 Best Suits for Winter Fishing: Experts' Choice
3rd place – Norfin DISCOVERY 2 Latvian Norfin is ahead of Russian Novatex due to availability
Bloodworm breeding
How to breed bloodworms at home: types of bloodworms, breeding technology, growing instructions, lathering and advice from fishermen
Probably, any experienced aquarist will agree with the opinion that it is best to feed the fish with bloodworms or
DIY fishing box (100 photos): step-by-step instructions describing how to make a box for summer and winter fishing
Advantages of using a box Summer fishing box has some advantages, such as: Many sections;
Rubber boots and fishing rod
Demi-season and autumn shoes for fishing: how to choose what to buy
For fans of fishing in the summer, shoes are the most important element of equipment. She
Black Sea mullet: types, lifestyle, beneficial properties
Types of mullet living in the Black Sea Systematically, mullet belongs to the following categories: Class - Ray-finned
Catching bleak on a float rod
Several maggot recipes
Maggot is one of the best animal baits for catching fish during the open water season.
Catching burbot in spring on a donk
Catching burbot on the river in spring
Spring fishing for burbot with a donk In the spring, everything is the other way around - using donks is much more convenient,
Molasses for fishing - features and benefits
A simple additive to bait and bait that will increase your catch several times Many
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