Following the white predator on the Moscow River
A little about the Moscow Canal Take a look at the map of the Moscow region - in its northern
Useful tips for float fishing
At the dawn of the development of gear for “long casting” there were many experiments in the construction of float equipment
pike fishing in autumn in cold water
Catching pike in autumn: the wisdom of fishing in cold water
Experienced fishermen know that pike fishing in the fall is always the most successful. At that time
For large roach in summer
How and what to catch roach in summer? In summer, it is necessary to take into account the factor of the spring spawning period,
White amur
Catching grass carp using a float tackle
Grass carp is a herbivorous fish from the carp family, as well as the only representative of its genus.
Winter fishing line, how to choose the right one? Review of the most durable and popular models of fishing lines for winter fishing (65 photos)
Features of winter fishing line The fishing line that you use for fishing in summer cannot be used for fishing
Catching catfish on the Dnieper
For a real fisherman, hunting the largest predator of our waters is considered aerobatics. They catch
Spinner for asp
TOP 5 best spinners for asp fishing and the most popular types
Asp is a river corsair, not naturally endowed with sharp teeth, but suspicious and cautious.
Fishing for asp on small rivers
What does the asp bite on? Since it is a predator, it can be caught with any bait,
There's fish in the river
Catching chub with a spinning rod: preparing gear, searching for fish, choosing and serving bait
A chub caught on a spinning rod is the pride and joy of any angler, especially a less experienced one. Not
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