A nod for do-it-yourself winter fishing - how and what to make good gear from. 115 photos and video tips from the pros!
Fishing in winter differs from summer: fishing at low temperatures is tolerated
How to choose the best and catchiest wobblers for pike perch
is famous for its high-quality baits; their technical characteristics and performance qualities surpass competitors in numerous respects.
DIY boat: techniques for making different types of boats. Simple diagrams and master classes on creating boats with photo examples
Features of homemade boats Designing boats is a fascinating business that requires skill and accuracy. Similar activities
Feeder bait
The right bait for the feeder - fishing technique, composition, basic recipes
The correct bait for the feeder constantly causes controversy and disagreement in the fishing community. This happens due to
All about fishing and gear
The best baits for spring and summer fishing. Top – 7 baits.
A wonderful bait for spring and summer fishing is maggots. In the spring, after
Spoons - how to choose? Selection guide
Believe in the black color of the bait!
In this article I would like to touch on the choice of spinners. Answer the questions, what kind of lure -
Amphipod for pike perch: drawings, description, wiring technique
Amphipod when fishing for pike perch. Design. The presence of a suspension in a horizontal plane and a working manner in
The important role of the jig head for fishing
The success of jig fishing depends not only on a properly selected spinning rod, but also equipment, and
Bait for roaches in spring
How to make your own bait for catching roach in the spring
Roach is considered the most lively fish. A roach or a school of fish begins to attack the bait quite greedily
Approximate diagram of the bottom structure
“April crucian carp” or flat feeder on the black list
Fishing on “commercial reservoirs” seems simple and easy, but what is there?
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