How to choose the best and catchiest wobblers for pike perch

is famous for its high-quality baits; their technical characteristics and performance qualities surpass competitors in numerous respects. All Salmo lures come from Poland, where the company began its development in collaboration with professional spinning fishermen. During the existence of the company, it acquired many original models, greatly expanded its range and began to use the most modern technologies for manufacturing baits. Today Salmo wobblers are known and have earned respect all over the world.

Main characteristics of Salmo wobblers


Salmo wobblers are known and deserve respect among spinning players. Despite the Polish origin of the company, all products are manufactured at a factory in China. The transfer of production to China did not damage the quality of the products, so the fears of some fishermen are not justified. The assortment today includes both budget options and expensive wobblers. A spinner with a different budget will find a suitable option for himself.

Initially, wobblers were made of wood, but this is a difficult material to process, and its buoyancy is not always appropriate. In the future, production has completely switched to using plastic. Products are manufactured using the technology of foaming material under high pressure. Almost all manufacturing steps have become completely automatic: from pouring the body to painting, the machines independently make the frame and attach the blades. Adjustment and final finishing are carried out manually, ensuring the absence of defects and high accuracy of the design.

Both budget options and expensive wobblers are presented in the assortment today

Main parameters of the manufacturer's lures:

  • abundance of colored varieties of baits. It is immediately noticeable that all the colors are very natural and thoughtful; the predator is caught by almost all options;
  • All models of wobblers have only good reviews due to the high quality of the products. It does not wear off and retains its original properties for many seasons;
  • anglers will not have to change tees, the baits are equipped with better hooks;
  • affordable price, although some models fall outside the economy category.

Jig baits for pike perch

So we have discussed the main points of fishing, but the site would also like to give you advice on choosing effective silicone baits. Moreover, these will not just be tips, we will give specific examples of working baits so that you can immediately start fishing effectively.

Then, when you have already learned how to catch pike perch using the recommended baits, you will be able to experiment with other models and have your own ideas about working forms, colors or manufacturers. In the meantime, let's look at a few working options with which you can effectively start.

  1. FOX Reaper 4″. An edible soft vibrating tail, equipped with 3D eyes and has a great game during any retrieve due to its rather large heel-shaped tail. Excellent for fishing in muddy water. Shows good results in catching pike perch, which is why it is a favorite vibrotail for many spinning anglers. Experienced fishermen advise taking bait in colors 048 and 085, although other colors also work very well. Of course, one will not be enough and you should have a sufficient number of catchy baits in your arsenal, so try to purchase those suggested below as well.
  2. Lucky John Joco Shaker 2.5″. The Joco Shaker, like almost all Lucky John baits, is very effective. This vibrotail works great for pike perch, and is also often attacked by perch and pike. It is a ribbed body of a fish, flattened on the sides. The tail ends in a round heel, which provides the vibrator with super-active play. Made of soft, but at the same time very durable rubber, which allows it to survive many predator bites. It is noteworthy that the Joco Shaker works against both active and passive predators, which often helps to catch even on not the best day for fishing. The bait has positive buoyancy, which makes its play very interesting during pauses. Pike perch readily responds to this bait, so it should definitely be in your arsenal.
  3. KEITECH Sexy Impact. It is a passive bait in the shape of a worm. Sexy Impact has proven its effectiveness, and it catches predators in any color variation. Most often, the best result is shown by wiring - dragging along the bottom. To catch pike perch you need to choose medium and large sized bait. In addition to the fanged predator, the by-catch will often include perch and pike, and bites from peaceful fish are also common. This worm often helps out when there is no bite, it would seem that nothing will make the fish bite, but as soon as Sexy Impact is charged, the predator’s bites begin. The recommended type of equipment for this bait is a drop shot; when fishing with a retractable leash, perch is more often caught.
  4. Lucky John HOGY HOG. This bait is not quite common and will be a curiosity for many novice anglers, since it is a nymph. That is, it does not imitate a fish, but is more reminiscent of something crustacean. Experienced spinning anglers have had it in their arsenal for a long time and actively use it when catching pike perch and pike perch. This bait is edible and has the aroma of shrimp or crayfish, which only makes its catchability even better. Don't let the unusual shape scare you - it should definitely be in your box, you definitely won't regret purchasing it. In general, the bait is really worthwhile, buy it, try it and you will definitely catch it, and maybe it will become one of your favorites.
  5. Vibrating tail Bass Assassin Sea Shad 4″. And in conclusion, another killer bait for pike perch from Bass Assassin. With a smooth body and a contrasting “heel” tail, the edible vibrating tail is a killer predator.
    He does an excellent job of catching fanged fish, and in addition he also catches pike and perch. The rubber from this manufacturer is not only very effective, but also strong enough to withstand bites from both pike perch and pike perch. And its aroma is patented by the manufacturer. The bait received the highest rating from anglers and this is not at all surprising - this silicone is really worthy of praise and should be owned by every spinner who wants to get results from fishing in the form of predator bites. If you have in your arsenal all the baits listed on the website, then you will definitely not be left without a catch. Start with these ones, tested by experienced spinners, and then start exploring others.

So we have shared with you information that will help you catch pike perch or improve your skills. All that remains for you is to practice everything that we have advised you to do. That's all, we wish you no tail, no scales and may you be filled only with positive emotions from fishing!

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Advantages and features of these wobblers

The assortment includes a lot of models that are head and shoulders above their analogues in their price category:

  • Salmo floating wobblers hold well even in fast currents;
  • “Salmo” wobblers for trolling qualitatively imitate the appearance of small fish, attracting the attention of predators even from deep-sea holes;
  • suitable for different methods of fishing and fishing;
  • All varieties are distinguished by a high level of bait performance. Some varieties are somewhat inferior to expensive Japanese wobblers, but occupy one of the leading positions in their price niche.


Salmo is a Polish company specializing in the production of fishing tackle and lures. The main idea of ​​its creators was to develop inexpensive but functional products that, in terms of their performance characteristics, would not be inferior to famous expensive brands.

Salmo wobblers are the best in their price range and successfully compete with the middle and premium segments of the market. When making baits, the manufacturer tries to use inexpensive but proven materials. As a result, Salmo products have the following advantages:

  • universalism;
  • stable game;
  • reliability and strength;
  • good balancing.

Lures are equipped with proven and high-quality fittings. The hooks are sharp and hold their edge for a long time. The strength of the winding rings is beyond doubt.

Wobblers from Salmo are available in different colors. Many have already been tested in various reservoirs and have shown their effectiveness everywhere. The top of the bait is coated with a colorless varnish that protects it from the teeth of a predator. Thanks to this, it retains its presentation for a long time, remaining as attractive as possible to fish.

Model range of Salmo wobblers

There are a number of series of wobblers aimed at a specific fishing method and specific prey. Let's look at the main families to better understand the features of using baits.

All varieties are distinguished by a high level of performance


Wobbler Salmo Perch (from English - perch) is adapted to imitate a fish common in all reservoirs - perch. Large predators love to feast on them, and even large individuals of perches are prone to cannibalism, so they also get hooked. The Salmo Perch wobbler is especially loved by zander, pike and perch.

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Perch models become an effective tool for catching predators that are in ambush among reed thickets. When moving this type of bait evenly, it begins to wobble slightly. It seems to the predator that there is easy prey in front of him; even a well-fed pike will not refuse such a dish.

Wobbler Salmo Perch 8 is the smallest bait in its series, the “eight” has a weight of 12-14 g, and is available in sinking and floating versions. Additionally, there are 12 and 14 cm models; large baits specialize in catching large predators. The Perch 8 modification is good for catching medium and large-sized specimens. Larger options require the use of strong rods, but often lead to the capture of trophy specimens.

Main varieties of the family:

  • The Salmo Perch wobbler for trolling is designated by the SDR index - super deep-water models. These trolling lures are no less effective when fishing on the “lane”;
  • shallow-water options catch well in combination with twitching wobbler wiring;
  • floating types in combination with uniform and jerking wiring are most effective.

Wobbler Salmo Perch


The Salmo Hornet wobbler (translated as hornet) is an incredibly popular model that performs well in all fishing situations. The Hornet series is the best-selling bait, constantly occupying the leading place in sales in the world. Moreover, the Salmo Hornet wobbler is capable of provoking the most well-fed and indifferent predators to bite, and also often becomes a tool for catching peaceful fish species.

With attachments from this series, a large catch is guaranteed even for novice fishermen. Many efforts by competing companies to recreate an equally catchy bait ended in vain. An important condition for popularity is low cost.

Wobbler "Salmo Hornet" is a crankbait, there are floating deep-sea, sinking models with 3 types of blades. Models currently available in sizes:

  • 25 mm;
  • 35 mm;
  • 40 mm;
  • 50 mm;
  • 60 mm;
  • 90 mm.

The weight range is quite large, starting from 1.5 g and ending at 35 g. Depending on the type of blade, models are used at a depth of 50 cm to 6 m.

Wobbler Salmo Hornet

Series features:

  • There are models for both casting and trolling;
  • wobblers are able to fly over obstacles underwater. When it touches snags or reeds, the bait turns over on its back, reducing the risk of snagging;
  • is a well-balanced bait;
  • the smallest options are adapted for catching ide, rudd, bleak and even peaceful fish;
  • small sizes of wobblers (35-50 mm) are incredibly effective when hunting for river trout, perch, chub and asp;
  • medium-sized wobblers (50-60 mm) are distinguished by powerful vibration, an active pike will swim even from another corner of the reservoir, just like pike perch;
  • the largest representative - 90 mm - performs well when catching trophy pike and catfish.

The Hornet series works both in calm water and on fast rivers.


The Salmo Minnow wobbler is a classic representative of minnow baits. A special form of bait is always in good “demand” among fish; a representative of the series is in the fishing kit of any spinning angler. one of the first to start producing models of this line - since 1991. Thanks to the oblong shape of the body with a protruding body, the bait successfully imitates fish fry. Has a slow play, creating the feeling that the fish is weak, sick or injured.

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The wobbler “Salmo Minnow” is supported by underwater photography by ichthyologists, during which it was noticed that the pike ignored healthy fish, but when placing this bait a decisive attack followed.

It works best in combination with twitching wiring, but the smooth technique is also effective. Potential catch: ide, asp, pike perch, pike.

Wobbler Salmo Minnow

It is only important to correctly determine the size of the bait taking into account the season:

  • sizes 5-6 cm are effective in spring;
  • In autumn, fish go better on the 90 mm model.

The series also includes trolling models; they are effective regardless of the speed of the vessel. The model range includes 14 colored varieties of baits, including realistic imitations of trout, dace and perch fry.


The name translates as "pike". Salmo Pike wobblers imitate pike, and many anglers know about their tendency to cannibalism. This type of fish is prone to eating its own kind. This knowledge has long been implemented in the “Salmo” Pike wobblers; over the years, many trophy specimens have been caught with this bait. The Salmo Pike model resembles a pike fry, the workmanship is at a high level.

Many reservoirs are connected to large rivers only during floods; fish that enter the reservoir remain here until next year. In such bets, the pike almost completely exterminates the remaining underwater inhabitants, then opens the hunting season for other representatives of its species. In such reservoirs the Pike bait is incredibly effective.

Used for fishing in shallow areas close to the shore. There are 5 colors of wobblers in total. On the shelves you can find 2 types of designs: solid and composite, usually it is better to catch fish with composites. The range includes 4 sizes: 9, 11, 13 and 16 cm.

Salmo Pike wobblers


Wobbler Salmo Tiny is a representative of microwobblers used together with ultralight tackle. The bait successfully imitates insects: ladybug, May beetle. During the flight of these insects, such bait is extremely catchy. When catching predators that feed on insects, the Tiny model is indispensable. The bait is good for catching: ide, small asp, trout, rudd, chub, less often perch is caught on the hook.

Salmo Floating wobblers (floating) are effective against fish that feed on food that has fallen into the water.

Mainly used when fishing in the current, the angler only needs to float the bait to a promising place. Playing in one place is quite effective; it is enough to tighten the line a little and fuse it. Soon the predator will take the bait. We recommend casting to areas where vegetation hangs over the water; here the predator waits for fallen insects.

It is 3 cm long, the floating type weighs 2 g, the recessed type weighs 2.5 g.

Wobbler Salmo Tiny


The Salmo Thrill wobbler is specially designed for hunting asp, although the bait also works well against other predators. The most appropriate place to use bait is in areas where predatory fish feed on small silver-colored fish with a thin body. The “Trill” model combines two advantages at the same time: due to its large weight, it ensures long-range gear and maintains positive buoyancy, which is important when fishing for asp and chub.

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The bait is used in one of two ways:

  • uniform wiring is the simplest and most catchy method;
  • with twitching of the rod tip, while the speed of movement slows down a little. The jerking method stimulates the predator to attack the bait.

Wobbler Salmo Thrill


The Salmo Slider wobbler is a good imitation of a fish with ideal geometry, highly detailed appearance and expressive play. It is the second best selling bait from the manufacturer. Designed for power fishing of large fish. The design lacks blades, but has a unique play of its own. Best used in combination with jerking.

The wobbler provides sharp and greedy bites, so choosing extra fishing line is important to do quickly. Ideally, the glider should swim in the water in different directions, imitating the behavior of a dying fish. In low temperature conditions, it is advisable to use slow retrieving with a delay of up to 3 seconds; the sinking option is now more effective. In the warm season, it is better to do the wiring faster, including sharp jerks. The bait is recommended when hunting for bass, pike, catfish and pike perch.

Wobbler Salmo Slider

Varieties of wobblers

T (Trout - trout).
Very reliably imitates the colors of the original. It is the second most polar color for Salmo wobblers. Pike, trout and brown trout readily bite on the bait. Trout is very aggressive towards its brothers who encroach on its hunting grounds. When it meets our bait, it mistakes it for a competitor and immediately attacks. Pike are often territorial neighbors of trout. Therefore, they also try to reduce the number of competitors for the hunting territory. These baits are great for catching not only river fish, but also lake fish. A wobbler imitating a small trout attracts ide and chub. Only a perch can calmly swim past.

GS (Grey Silver - silver-gray). The bait has a dark back. The sides are white-gray. Belly pink. White fish fry have this color. Using it, a wobbler attracts fish in open water from March to November.

Perch and pike are the main fans of attacking baits with this color. Good catches include chub, asp, trout, ide, grayling, dace, bleak and brown trout.

DB (Dace Blue - blue dace). Realistic colors with drawing, completely copying the appearance of the dace. Dace - imitates a fish with a dark back. Dace Blue - bluish back and bright pink belly.

Thanks to this color, the bait is clearly visible at dusk and in muddy water. Dace and Dace Blue attract pike, perch, pike-perch, asp, chub, brown trout and pied trout.

GT (Green Tiger - green tiger). Almost everything can be caught with this color, regardless of the conditions. Attracts pike perch and pike perch. The big-headed chub really likes baits with this color.

YD (Yellow Dace - yellow dace). This bright yellow color is called “schisandra.” Glows brightly and intensely in ultraviolet rays. A bait with this color is clearly visible in low visibility. It is usually used at night or at dusk. It is loved by perch, ide and pike perch. Even a pike may covet it.

Hornet bait RHH (Red Headed Hooker)

Hornets that have this color are usually equipped with red tees. Red tees are smaller in size than regular hooks. As a result of this choice, the cross-country ability of the wobbler improves and the number of hooks decreases. You can’t guess at what moment you can use this wobbler.

However, it is useful to keep it ready and try it periodically. After all, if the wobbler is used correctly, then the fish bite one after another. It’s also difficult to guess the fishing conditions. The bait can work both in muddy water and in very clear water. Fish of the salmon family, perch, pike perch and pike bite well on it.

Tips and tricks for choosing

The selection of the best Salmo wobblers directly depends on a number of factors, mainly the conditions in the reservoir and the type of expected production.

How to choose the best option:

  • surface wobblers catch asp and chub well; if this is the expected prey, it is better to use the “Tini” and “Trill” models;
  • when hunting for pike, it is better to use medium or large wobblers floating in the bottom layers of water: “Pike”, “Perch”;
  • For perch and pike perch, the same equipment can be used as for pike, but of a smaller size;
  • If you need to purchase a universal wobbler, you should give preference to the popular Hornet series or the classic Minnow class.

Rating of wobblers for trolling: 10 best

To make it easier for any angler to understand the wide range of wobblers designed for trolling, below is a rating of the best models.
It is based on assessments made by fishermen, therefore it is objective in nature and allows you to find out which baits are the most catchy:

The Bomber Deep Long A B25A tops the rankings as this model scores a rating of 8.1. This is a highly specialized wobbler, specially designed for trolling fishing, the main prey being pike perch and pike. The Bomber wobbler is of the deep-sea type, since its depth is about 7-8 meters. Body length is 11.4 cm with a weight of 20.1 g.

The Savage Gear 4Play Herring Liplure is a deep-sea sinking suspender with a composite design and is rated 8. This model is used not only for trolling, but also for casting fishing. There are several modifications that differ in game, size and weight, but they are all quite large and designed for fishing out large predators.

The OSP Dunk is a 7.94 rated perch suspender for trolling perch or pike. A versatile bait that can be used for catching prey in shallow water or during deep sea fishing

The design includes an additional noise chamber that attracts the attention of fish from a considerable distance. Another advantage of this model is the ability to make long casts, while their accuracy remains high.

Korsar Joker 70J is a floating wobbler with a rating of 7.83

It is a universal bait for perch or pike; it can be used for fishing by any means, including trolling. Features of the shape of the blade and the structure of the tail allow this model to demonstrate the most natural and believable game, which determines its catchability.

The Strike Pro Mustang Minnow is a minnow that comes in a floating or sinking version and has a rating of 7.8. This bait is of the ultralight type and, despite its small size and light weight, often performs very well during trolling fishing. The structural features of the body, natural color and three-dimensional eyes make it virtually indistinguishable from a real fry, which provokes the predator to immediately attack.

The Salmo Minnow is another ultra-light minnow for trolling, this model has a rating of 7.79. The bait is universal; it can be used for catching pike perch, pike, trout or asp at a depth of up to 2.5 meters. Recommended for use if the fishing point is located at a considerable distance from the swimming device. Wobbler Salmo is one of the leaders in the fishing world.

Kosadaka Orb has a rating of 7.79, just like the previous model. Available in two modifications - XL or DD, which differ slightly in body length and weight, but are designed for fishing at different depths: it can vary from 2.5 to 5 meters. Both options depict a small, but quite plump fish, which a hungry predator will not let pass by.

The Jackall Magallon Diving is a composite style trolling suspender with a rating of 7.75. It is distinguished by a shortened tail; this design feature provides an original and interesting game that attracts predators. This bait is designed for catching representatives of virtually any medium-sized breed, the maximum working depth is up to 1.5-2 meters.

Salmo Hornet has a rating of 7.7, it is a universal wobbler that can be used for various styles of fishing and fishing for any inhabitants of the reservoir. The variety of modifications allows this model to be used for trolling fishing in virtually any conditions.

Salmo Perch with a rating of 7.69 closes the top trolling wobblers. This bait is designed to catch the three main and most popular species of predators - perch, pike and pike perch. The working depth can be from 0.5 to 6 meters. There are many modifications of this wobbler; for trolling it is recommended to use the deep-sea version SDR, which has the blade design necessary for such purposes and is one of the leaders in its class.


Arthur: “The range of products really impressed me, the choice is so large that it makes my eyes wide open. I’m a fairly demanding fisherman, but I was still able to find 5 catchy models and colors of lures.”

Boris: “I accidentally fell for the promotion and decided to buy a few for myself. For 300 rubles I didn’t dare expect anything special, but the quality pleasantly surprised me. The fish take bait well in any conditions.”

Vladimir: “I already forgot the last time I bought high-quality bait at a reasonable price, and this is where Salmo’s company surprised me. It’s very difficult to find such high-quality wobblers at a reasonable price.”

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Reviews from fishermen

Having purchased this copy, I was completely satisfied. Excellent build quality. The game turns out great. If you buy something like this, you will be surprised. Grade:

Danil Viktorovich

An excellent option for those who are just starting their fishing activities. This manufacturer offers a huge selection of products to its buyer. Grade:

Fedor Dmitrievich

Excellent build quality, especially pleased with the quality of the treble hooks. Even in case of a snag, the hooks will remain intact, so you can keep your bait. Grade:

Denis Panfotov

The Sanmo brand really pleased me with its extensive selection, which is very important. Even a very capricious fisherman will be able to find something to his liking. I advise everyone to buy from them. Grade:

Nikolai Nikolaevich

I bought it on sale in the store. I thought it would be just another nonsense, but in fact it’s quite the opposite. Excellent catchable specimens, which are also very versatile. Grade:

Vadim Stolnikov

I saw it in an online advertisement and then decided to order a couple of lures for myself. They arrived quickly. The product is of very high quality, and most importantly, effective. Grade:

Eduard Sergeevich

A good and also affordable option that many can afford. Given its relative accessibility, water play is simply excellent. Rating:

Peter Alkhovsky

Nowadays it is difficult to find a quality item at an adequate price. However, the Salmo company produces excellent wobblers at an affordable price that help fishermen achieve the desired success. Grade:

Vladimir Silkov

If you are new to fishing, then you should take a closer look at products from Salmo. Studying with good and high-quality equipment is much more effective. Grade:

Alexey Pokhilov

I think that from this company everyone will find something to their liking. Everything is done efficiently and reliably. Grade:

Evgeniy Kazhnokov

Fishing with high-quality wobblers, such as Salmo brand wobblers, is very pleasant. Such specimens will definitely attract fish, if, of course, they are used correctly.

Perch, familiar from childhood

The flow of laudatory reviews for Salmo Perch 8 wobblers began at the end of the last millennium, but even now has not weakened. The bait has lived in more than one box of wobblers, displacing its fellows that had failed. A kind of “people’s” choice, the modern model has undergone a number of changes. Modernization has definitely benefited her. Floating, shallow (SR) and deep-sea (DR), as well as bottom (Super Deep Runner) versions appeared.

Polycarbonate blade and durable fittings extend service life. The material used to make the carcass is balsa. The colors justify the literal translation of the name ; “perch” with characteristic black stripes and greenish scales is recognizable from afar. A stock of several options (for example, bright acid color and silver roach) will allow you to fish both in the midday sun and in cloudy weather.

The Salmo Perch wobbler is unpretentious in terms of wiring and is good at a smooth, even pattern with rare pauses. It goes deep with short pulls, quickly emerges even with a steel leash and makes a smooth turn when paused. In nine cases out of ten, a pike will fall into the sight of the bait, but the perch is not averse to playing with its nimble double.

It took me a long time to select one for my son to use for trolling, both of them were picky, but this perch immediately attracted his attention. I bought it and tried it the next day; there was no time to look at the shore. Six pike from a kilo to two are already not bad, but the last one pulled 4 kg!

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