Branch leash - installation
Where and when is it better to fish with a retractable leash? How to assemble gear for a diverting leash?
With the development of new technologies, more and more new methods of fishing are being introduced into the art of fishing.
Design, shape and main characteristics of the float
If you are interested in float fishing or are planning to master this oldest form of fishing, then this
California Knot
Fishing knots for hooks and leashes
How to properly tie a hook to a fishing line hooks with an eye Experienced fishermen in their luggage
How to tie leashes on a donkey
What does donka consist of? The design of the bottom tackle is extremely simple. The line is wound onto a spool or
How to tie a second hook to the fishing line on a fishing rod: the best ways
Quick tips How to increase the catchability of jigs: Some fishermen string bait on a hook for additional attraction
Mizuhiki is one of the Japanese needlework techniques
Knots made from ropes of the same thickness. Tourists use many types of knot connections that are tied with
How to properly tie a balance beam to a fishing line
Installation of equipment for fishing on a balancer Position of the balancer on the fishing line Correct play of the balancer
Tightening the hook
How to tie a hook to a fishing line correctly - 20 of the best fishing knots with an overview of simple ways to tie them with and without an eye
Everything else on the Internet on this topic is information slag. These 4 fundamental ways
How to tie a spinner to a fishing line
Stopper knot for a sliding float and everything about it The fisherman's arsenal includes many
Non-tightening loop. fishing knots
Non-tightening loops Gazebo knot People unfamiliar with marine terminology may think that the name
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