DIY boat: techniques for making different types of boats. Simple diagrams and master classes on creating boats with photo examples

Features of homemade boats

Designing boats is a fascinating business that requires skill and accuracy. Such activities develop spatial imagination and attentiveness, and also allow you to develop perseverance and patience.

Various materials are suitable for making a toy boat:

  • plastic bottle;
  • paper;
  • cardboard;
  • Styrofoam;
  • tree.

Paper steamship

Fold the square sheet of paper diagonally with the fold down, and then fold the bottom triangle inward. Take scissors and cut the corner to form a steamboat tube - and the boat is ready!

Required Tools

The main tool for creating any paper crafts is scissors. They will be needed to give the sheet a square shape.

To increase precision and accuracy, and also to create ideal fold lines, you may need a stationery knife and a steel ruler.

PVA glue will help strengthen weak joints in certain models of swimming equipment.

Option 1. Boat

Making a spoon requires the following steps:

  1. Fold the square sheet in half horizontally.
  2. Unfold the workpiece and bend each rectangle in half inward towards the middle line.
  3. Bend the resulting structure in half horizontally again. A narrow double rectangle should appear before your eyes, opening from above.
  4. Fold all the bottom corners up so that they do not reach the edge by 1.5 cm. You should end up with a rectangular piece with a narrow double stripe at the top.
  5. Form the sides of the boat by folding each strip twice along the long side.
  6. Make a keel by pushing the closed part inward.
  7. Stretch the sides in opposite directions. The craft is completed.

Shell boat

A craft made from shells deserves to be called a souvenir. Ships made from shells can be given as gifts, decorated in a child's room, and even sold on the beaches.

For this you will need very few materials: Rapana shell, mussels, sea pebbles, fishing line, small beads.

A hot gun and toothpicks are used as connecting material.

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  • Wash and dry a large shell, a house of rapana;
  • Glue a toothpick to the tip, this is the bow of the ship;
  • Place a toothpick perpendicularly in the middle, and another one a centimeter later, this is the mast;
  • Connect all three points with fishing line and decorate with beads;
  • Glue three mussel shells sequentially from bottom to top onto the masts, these are sails;
  • Place the ship on a square or oval cardboard platform;
  • Decorate the platform with pebbles.
  • The shell boat craft is ready!

Option 2. Classic boat

Here are instructions on how to make a classic paper boat:


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  1. Place A4 sheet vertically.
  2. Fold it in half horizontally and mark the middle on the top side.
  3. Fold the top corners down toward the vertical line passing through the mark you made earlier.
  4. Bend the resulting strips upward and bend the protruding corners inward.
  5. Take the workpiece by the base and stretch it until it is square.
  6. Make a triple triangle out of the square by bending the corners accordingly.
  7. Taking the base, turn it into a square.
  8. Move the upper corners apart and slightly straighten the lower part of the product. The paper ship is ready!

Paper boat

The paper boat craft is made using the origami technique. To work you will need sheet A 4, a ruler and a pencil. Beginners in the origami technique use a pencil and a ruler to make marks and emphasize curves.

  • Fold the paper sheet in half twice;
  • On the long edge of the resulting rectangle, find the center and bend the edges, as for an airplane;
  • Bend the bottom part upward on both sides and twist the small edges inward to form a triangle;
  • Change the position by opening it from the inside to make a rhombus;
  • Fold in half and open the triangle on the reverse side;
  • Stretch two corners, you get a boat;
  • The white sheet is easy to decorate with felt-tip pens;
  • Make a flag from a toothpick and a piece of paper, decorate it and attach it in the center.

A photo of a paper boat craft is presented below.

Necessary materials

Construction of a bait boat requires the use of the following materials:

  • gear and travel motor from an old cassette player;
  • epoxy resin;
  • reinforced fiberglass;
  • gearbox from a toy car;
  • stainless steel wire (for antenna);
  • mounting rails for the motor:
  • housings for the remote control for the PU boat;
  • propeller with four blades;
  • propeller shaft;
  • two drums for dumping bait and sinkers.

The easiest way to purchase all parts is through the Internet. The main thing is to ensure that the operating voltage values ​​of the motor and battery match.

Photos of boats with your own hands


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