The best echo sounder for winter fishing: which one to choose and how to use

An echo sounder is a measuring fishing device that allows you to study the structure and topography of the bottom of a reservoir. The sensor creates sound waves and sends them into the water column. Echoes are sent back to the device. The study of the water column is carried out using an ultrasonic transmitter and receiver. The computer processes the received data and draws a topographic map of the bottom on the screen.

The picture that a high-quality echo sounder “draws” on the screen

The presence of an echo sounder allows every angler:

  • find out the depth and topography of the river/pond bottom;
  • quickly identify areas of the reservoir in which there is an accumulation of fish;
  • find out the approximate size of potential catch, which is especially important for fishermen who hunt for trophies.

A measuring device that allows you to study the structure and topography of the bottom of a reservoir makes it possible to quickly find a promising place for fishing.

Types of echo sounders for winter fishing

Echo sounders for winter fishing are divided into groups according to the number of reflective waves. The greater the wave coverage, the clearer the image on the display. However, this may result in distortion of information. Images of fish that are not nearby the hole appear on the screen. Based on the number of reflective waves, devices are divided into main types:

  1. Single beam type . The device has one reflective wave. The coverage angle is within 20°.
  2. Double beam type . The device reflects at 2 frequencies. The coverage angle is within 60°.
  3. Three-beam view . The coverage angle is within 90°-150°.

Models are available for sale that are capable of displaying up to 6 waves, but this is a completely useless function for winter fishing. A stationary sensor cannot show bottom structure. The most important thing is the presence of a central beam in the device.

Which echo sounder is best to choose for winter fishing - what to look for

The echo sounder should be compact so that the angler can easily hold it in his hand. Manufacturers produce models of various sizes:

  • manual type, fits in your pocket;
  • portable, which can be carried in a bag and used at any time of the year;
  • tube type, which can only be used in the cold season.

When choosing a winter echo sounder, it is recommended to pay attention to:

  • maximum permissible depth of investigation;
  • display functionality;
  • maximum echolocation power;
  • charging and fixing method;
  • level of resistance to low temperatures.

For fishing in the cold season, experts advise purchasing models that consume minimal power.

Advice! In order for the device to function smoothly, its wires must be insulated with a material that can withstand frost.

An echo sounder for winter fishing must withstand low temperatures

Where and how to buy

Buying an echo sounder for fishing these days is not a problem. There are several options for purchasing it. This could be a regular visit to a specialized store or seeking help on the Internet, visiting special sites.

In addition, it is possible to purchase the device directly on the manufacturer’s website. This, first of all, guarantees the quality and authenticity of the product. After all, there are a sufficient number of different counterfeit products on the market.

You should also take into account the fact that such products are regularly improved. Therefore, it is very difficult, and even pointless, to recommend any of the echo sounders.

There is another factor that can seriously affect the functionality of the purchased product. This is the human factor. The fact is that some owners ignore or do not even read the instructions for using electronic devices. Therefore, it is possible that in the hands of such fishermen any equipment will simply be useless.

Over-ice and under-ice devices

On sale you can find echo sounders for under-ice use and for ice fishing. Electronics, display and other design elements of sub-ice devices must withstand operation at sub-zero temperatures. Devices must be protected from moisture entering the structure. High-capacity batteries are installed on sub-ice models.

Echo sounder for ice fishing

Over-ice devices must have high power. To obtain reliable data, it is recommended to give preference to models of 1500–2000 watts. There is no need to immerse the above-ice device under the ice, but it is still worth making a small notch in the ice layer and immersing the device’s sensor there.

How does a winter echo sounder work:

TOP 10 best echo sounders for winter fishing - review of devices for ice fishing with prices

Below you can see the rating of the best winter echo sounders as of the 2021 season, allowing you to study the structure and topography of the bottom of the reservoir during the cold season during winter fishing.

Humminbird PiranhaMAX 175xRU

The screen of a budget dual-beam device is black and white. Diagonal 4 inches. The model allows the fisherman to determine the size of the fish and the depth at which it is located. The viewing angle has been increased to 28°. Power is 1600 W. The angler can adjust the sensitivity and increase bottom detail. The cost of the device reaches 9500-10000 rubles.

Craft Echo 600 Duo

A simple and convenient two-beam model. The presence of a sound alarm notifies the fisherman about the appearance of fish near the hole. The device works great in deep areas of the reservoir. The body of the Craft Echo 600 Duo is quite durable.

The price of the device is 8,000 rubles.

Practitioner 6M

The Praktik 6M echo sounder for winter fishing works perfectly even at a temperature of -35°C. The case of this model is shockproof. It is made of durable rubber. If the structure is accidentally dropped into a pond, it will remain on the surface of the water and will not sink. The scanning depth is 25 meters, the viewing angle is 95°. The device works great even in dark water.

The average cost of Practice 6M is 7,900 rubles.

Fish Finder L4

Fish Finder L4 is an echo sounder for winter fishing, which is included in the rating of the best devices that allow you to study the structure and topography of the bottom of a reservoir. The viewing angle of the single-beam camera is 45°. The compact-sized device is able to distinguish even slow-moving objects. The presence of a screen backlight function eliminates sun glare.

The average price of Fish Finder L4 is 2900 rubles.


The bottom scanning depth is 40 meters. The presence of a single-beam camera provides a viewing angle of 90°. The echo sounder is able to distinguish slow-moving objects. It has proven itself to be excellent when working in muddy water. The diagonal of the black and white screen is 3 inches.

The cost of Lucky ffw718 is 5500 rubles.

Lackylaker FFC1108-1

Lackylaker FFC1108-1 is a reliable echo sounder for winter fishing, you can buy it from Aliexpress. The sensor is capable of detecting fish at a distance of 180 meters (as stated by the manufacturer). The bottom scanning depth is 40 meters. The presence of 3 buttons on the body allows you to control the device. Feedback from fishermen indicates that the Lackylaker FFC1108-1 is capable of accurately determining depth.

The cost of the device is 4570 rubles. There are often promotions for this model. The discounted price is 2330 rubles.

Erchang XF02

The scanning depth is 100 meters. The device can be used at any time of the year. Among the main advantages of the Erchang XF02, it is worth highlighting the presence of a long cable, the ability to work with the device even at a temperature of -50°, an affordable price and firmware in Russian.

Erchang XF02 can be purchased for 3330 rubles.

Garmin Striker Plus 4CV - echo sounder for use in winter and summer fishing

The device is intended for use at any time of the year. The presence of a built-in program allows you to create maps of water bodies. Garmin Striker Plus 4CV shows the depth of the reservoir with maximum accuracy. The screen provides information about the size of the fish, its depth and size. When the device detects a fish, it beeps.

The cost of Garmin Striker Plus 4CV is 24,500 rubles.

GSMIN WA3 - wireless echo sounder for ice fishing

The presence of blue backlight on the GSMIN WA3 display eliminates the appearance of solar glare. The model is equipped with the ability to adjust brightness. Control is touch. The most important functions are located at the top of the screen.

GSMIN WA3 can be purchased for 7,600 rubles.

Rivotek F3

The compact model can be carried in your pocket. The presence of a single-beam camera provides a viewing angle of 90°. The bottom scanning depth is 36 meters. The echo sounder is so sensitive that it can distinguish slow-moving objects that are at a distance of 5 cm.

The cost of Rivotek F3 is 7800 rubles.

Features of choice

If you are going to use an echo sounder for fishing in both winter and summer, then the best option is to purchase a device that is resistant to sub-zero temperatures. This device will be a great helper in your hobby. There are many interesting models on the market that fit a variety of criteria, however, not everyone understands how to choose the right device. Echo sounders can vary significantly from one another, but there are a number of general criteria that you should pay attention to when purchasing, especially for those fishermen who are buying such a device for the first time:

  • Let's look at the power. The maximum operating depth of the device depends on this indicator.
  • We determine the frequency for operation. Echo sounders can operate at both low and high frequencies. It is best to choose a device that allows you to change the frequency.
  • Sensitivity is important. The more sensitive the gadget, the clearer the picture on the screen. However, an overly sensitive device may experience interference, so it is important to be able to adjust the signal reception frequency.
  • Don't forget about convenience. To make it convenient to work with the device, choose a model with a large screen and high resolution. This allows you to get a high-quality picture, even at long distances.
  • The warning system is the key to successful fishing. Such a system will always warn you about the appearance of fish in the scanned area.

Whatever characteristics the device has, the main thing is to choose a durable, waterproof device that is not afraid of mechanical stress.

TOP best wireless echo sounders for winter fishing

Wireless devices are very compact. In addition, they are convenient to use. There is no need to waste time connecting wires, which is the main advantage of these models.

The best wireless devices today are Fish Finder FFW718 Lucky and Fish Finder FF168W. A couple of seconds after diving, information about the water temperature, the depth of the reservoir and the presence of a school of fish nearby appears on the device screen. The housing of these devices is waterproof.

Fish Finder FFW718 Lucky and Fish Finder FF168W can be used by both professional fishermen and those who enjoy fishing at the local pond.

Budget models

A list of cheap, inexpensive models of echo sounders that can be purchased both in Moscow and through an online store to order.

  • Humminbird SmartCast RF25E – 4,900 rubles;
  • JJ-connect Fisherman Wireless 3 Deluxe – 4,900 rubles;
  • Fish Finder ffw718 Wireless – 3,000 rub.
  • Practitioner ER-6 Pro – 5000-7000 rub.
  • Garmin Striker Plus 5CV – 5890 rubles.

We all understand perfectly well that the higher the price of an echo sounder, the more reliable it is, the higher the functionality. Of course, the price is somewhat influenced by the name (brand), which again speaks about the quality of the product and the service that will help in case of breakdown or repair of the device. "Miser pays twice". Everyone decides for himself whether he believes in this saying. Of course, everything is within reasonable limits.

Echo sounder for winter and summer fishing (two in one) - which models are suitable

In order to use an echo sounder at any time of the year, you need to purchase a universal model. Experts recommend giving preference to good quality devices that are super sensitive. Such models include:

Purchasing a universal device can significantly save money.

Rating of budget echo sounders for winter fishing

If you don’t have much money, but you really want to buy an echo sounder, you can pay attention to budget models. Of course, the display of such devices will not be 5 inches, but the device will definitely be able to recognize the depth of the reservoir and find the location of the fish. Inexpensive echo sounders include flasher devices and devices that display information on a smartphone.

The best flasher echo sounders are the Lucky FF618 Flasher and the Lowrance Hook2-4x GPS Bullet.

The main advantages of Lucky FF618 Flasher include:

  • ability to adjust sensitivity level;
  • display of the inhabitants of the reservoir in the form of symbols;
  • the presence of a sound notification function about nearby fish;
  • simple menu.

Displaying information on a smartphone display
Among the advantages of the Lowrance Hook2-4x GPS Bullet, it is worth highlighting:

  • automatic adjustment of sonar (echo sounder);
  • waterproof case;
  • the presence of a sound notification function about nearby fish;
  • function of identifying the inhabitants of a reservoir.

For fishing in the cold season, you can purchase an echo sounder that transmits information to your phone. The best device in this category is the Kediaoren device. Connected to a smartphone, the device is capable of picking up a signal up to 50 meters from the sound source. Sonar charges quickly. The application is very convenient to use.

Additional equipment for echo sounders

When going fishing in the cold season, you should not only take an echo sounder with you, but also purchase a battery for it in advance. You will also need to take care of the purchase:

  • protective cover;
  • charger;
  • clamps for the echo sounder sensor.

Many fishermen take with them underwater cameras, which display information on the screen regarding the structure of the bottom of the reservoir and the fish located nearby.

Advice! Don’t forget about the ice drill, which you can use to make holes.

When choosing an echo sounder, you should think not only about your budget, but also about the conditions in which it will be used. If you plan several fishing trips in the winter, there is no point in purchasing expensive options equipped with additional options. However, you should not save on power. It must be at least 1500 W.

In cases where you have to fish on small lakes and ponds, experts recommend purchasing single-beam or double-beam models. For fishing in large bodies of water, it is wiser to take a model with a large number of rays.

Where can I buy

You can purchase models of echo sounders designed for fishing in winter in stores specializing in the sale of such products, or on websites such as,,, etc.

It is possible to order this product directly on the websites of their manufacturers. Considering how important this is to the authenticity and quality of the product, it is worth taking the time.

Since echo sounder models are constantly being improved and new products appear on the market quite quickly, recommending the purchase of one or another device is a thankless task.

When assessing the qualities of an echo sounder, one should also take into account the technical preparedness of its owner. After all, it is well known that in hands growing from the wrong place, even the most advanced technology is just a pile of scrap metal.

How to use a fish finder

Using the cable, you need to lower the sensor into the hole. After a few seconds, the bottom topography and fish swimming nearby will begin to appear on the display. If there are too many signals in the RTS window, experts recommend reducing the sensitivity level.

Choosing a sonar is a crucial moment. There is no rush or desire to purchase an echo sounder as soon as possible. It is important to familiarize yourself in detail with the characteristics of the models you like and only then make your choice.

Instructions for using an echo sounder in winter

It is necessary to note some features of using an echo sounder through ice. You should not hope that you will be able to get perfect readings from the device simply by placing it on ice. The boundary of the medium affects its readings most of all. In this case, another one will be added, between the air and the ice.

You will get more reliable information if you make a recess on the surface of the ice for the transducer, which you fill with water. But if the ice is too thick, or simply heterogeneous, if there is an air gap under it, distortions in the instrument readings cannot be avoided. For those who want the information to be flawless, we recommend drilling a hole.

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