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  1. Fishing for crucian carp in September and October with a float rod
  2. Bait for crucian carp in autumn
  3. Nozzles for catching autumn crucian carp
  4. Where to catch crucian carp in autumn
  5. Subtleties of catching crucian carp in September
  6. How to catch crucian carp in October
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  9. Want to know more about catching crucian carp in the fall?

Autumn is the time to catch predatory fish, which actively search for food in cool water. But with peaceful fish everything is not so simple. Catching it in the fall is a difficult task even for an experienced fisherman. Why? We'll find out today.

Tackle for catching crucian carp in October using a float rod

As mentioned above, crucian carp leaves shallow water in October and now should be looked for at a depth of 3 to 5 meters. This, in turn, means that now it will be further from the shore and short rods will no longer be suitable.

Another important point is that as the water gets colder, crucian carp becomes more lethargic; it will no longer bite as greedily as in summer. This means that the rod’s rig should be such that it does not alert the fish in any way; it should be light, thin and neat.

Here's what you need to stock up on to catch crucian carp in October using a float:

  1. Rod - 5-7 meters.
  2. The main line is up to 0.2 mm, the leash is about 15 cm long and 0.1 mm in diameter.
  3. It is better to make the weight in the form of a row of small pellets in a row, at a distance from each other. One large weight can alert a cautious crucian during this period.
  4. Also choose a lighter float for catching crucian carp and focus on weather conditions when making this choice so that the fishing is comfortable.
  5. The hook is small, about No. 4.

Bait for crucian carp in autumn

Autumn bait for crucian carp is not much different from what fishermen do in the summer. However, there are some secrets that will significantly improve your fishing performance.

Aromatization. In autumn, sweet and fruity flavors are replaced by such as maggot, mint, cumin, garlic or anise.

Fraction. There should be no large particles in the bait for crucian carp. This is necessary so that the fish becomes saturated as slowly as possible.

An example of autumn bait for crucian carp. Mix in a bucket 1 part ground crackers, 0.5 parts roasted ground sunflower seeds, 1 part crushed corn grits, 1 part barley grits and 0.5 parts milk powder. All elements are mixed well and filled (necessarily) with water from the reservoir in which you are going to fish. In this case, the crucian carp will not be distracted by foreign odors and will definitely notice your bait.

Bait for carp fishing in October

In order for carp fishing in October to be as productive as possible, you will need good bait, which today can be bought inexpensively at a fishing store. Only its use (within reasonable limits) will not only attract fish to the fishing point, but also detain it in the area of ​​​​the water area chosen for fishing.

It is recommended to add part of the bait that you plan to use during the fishing process to the main composition of the bait, regardless of whether the mixture is prepared independently or purchased at a fishing store. It is worth noting that bait based only on plant components is unlikely to interest carp in cold water, so do not be lazy and add bloodworms, worms or maggots to it, which will increase the effectiveness and attractiveness of the bait mixture.

In addition, when preparing bait, it would be a good idea to use various flavoring options. It is recommended to use the following options (one to choose from): honey, dill, sunflower oil, hemp, anise.

It is necessary to moisten the mixture only with water from the reservoir in which you plan to catch carp. You need to start feeding the fishing spot at least 24 hours in advance; the starting feeding should consist of 2-3 kg of bait; during the fishing process, if the bite is absent or weak, the fishing spots are supplemented with 1-2 small-sized balls. Experienced fishermen advise mixing the bait with clay, the presence of which will increase the density of the ball; this will be especially justified if there is a current in the selected area.

Catching pike perch using a spinning rod

Nozzles for catching autumn crucian carp

One of the main questions that a fisherman has in the fall is what to use to catch crucian carp? With the beginning of this time of year, crucian carp have both plant and animal bait as a priority.

  • Mastyrka;
  • Semolina;
  • Dough;
  • Peas;
  • Corn;
  • Maggot;
  • Pasta;
  • Worm.

Towards the end of autumn, crucian carp pays attention only to animal bait: worms and maggots. With the onset of cold weather, even if only at night, the crucian carp is preparing for winter and needs protein. This justifies the change in diet - from animal-vegetable food to completely animal food.

But it’s not uncommon for crucian carp to become quite picky, and there’s no way to lure it with the same type of bait. In this case, the so-called “sandwiches” on a hook go into battle:

  • bloodworms with maggots;
  • maggot with worm;
  • bloodworm with worm.

As an option, you can add vegetable toppings to sandwiches:

  • corn with worm;
  • corn with maggot;
  • pearl barley with bloodworms.

Where to catch crucian carp in autumn

In autumn, crucian carp can be found on the lake where:

  • channel edges;
  • entrances and exits from pits;
  • stuck places with a depth of about 3 m;
  • shallow tables.

The main thing is that when catching crucian carp on a pond, the fisherman must pay special attention to the daily routine of this fish. Today there are active bites from morning until lunch, but tomorrow everything can change.

Expert commentary

Nikita Dupin (ndup), member of the FishingSib float fishing team, sports fisherman, participant and winner of city and regional float fishing tournaments:

— I’m ready to share with you three secrets of catching crucian carp in the fall using a float. The first secret is a thin and small hook of no more than number 14 according to the international classification of hooks, preferably hardened and very durable, since crucian carp is a strong fighter. I advise you to take Japanese hooks. They are, in my opinion, best suited for strong fish.

The second secret is gear for catching crucian carp, or rather a thin leash. For medium crucian carp up to 500 gamma, I use a leash no thicker than 0.12 millimeters.

Well, the third secret is that in late autumn the crucian carp begins to roll into holes. You can catch it in shallow water only on warm days, and even then rarely... When searching for crucian carp on small rivers, you need to look for places with depth, and they usually stand in creeks where they are deep or on the border with a reverse current. The tackle should always be in one place; it is best to fish with a bottom or, if you are using a fly fishing rod, the half-bot method is suitable. On large rivers the principle is the same, but it is almost impossible to catch crucian carp at this time, at least on our Ob River. I most likely characterize this by the fact that the number of crucian carp on it is not so large and most likely you will catch bream or ide.

On a lake where there is a high density of crucian carp, you can catch it until the freeze-up. However, the bait should be without a large amount of nutrients and a minimum of strong aromas.

In general, as for the bait, the most effective one at this time is bloodworms, sometimes crucian carp at this time reacts well to maggots or dung worms, although the size of the bait should be small, since crucian carp no longer feeds so actively and it becomes even more careful . In rare cases, in late autumn crucian carp respond to plant baits; most often they respond to them on warm days. This is my personal observation.

Like any experienced fisherman, I have my own recipe for autumn bait for crucian carp. The main property of this complementary food is a minimum of nutrients. That is, bait for crucian carp should have a balance of inert and lifting particles. Such bait can be easily found in any fishing store, make sure that it consists of a small and medium-fine fraction, I do not recommend adding porridge to the bait at this time, it can greatly saturate the fish. You definitely need to add a live component to your bait! Maggots, bloodworms or cut worms are great for this. The aroma of the bait must be present, but in moderation. Garlic extract, anise, and pineapple are best suited at this time. On some reservoirs I was able to collect crucian carp in the feeding area thanks to the chocolate, strawberry and tutti-fruiti flavoring. But they are not suitable for all reservoirs in the autumn; you need to experiment.

If you want to make your own bait, then the recipe is as follows: 2 cups breadcrumbs, 0.5 cups fried and ground hemp seeds, 1 cup ground biscuits, 0.5 cups bran (if there are no small toppings and bleak in the fishing area), 0 .5 cups corn grits. Mix everything thoroughly, and moisten the bait at the fishing site directly with water from the reservoir, adding small portions of water gradually so that the bait for crucian carp does not clump.

I wish you success, and remember that you can catch fish at any time of the year, you just need to know a few tricks.

Preparing gear

Due to the specific behavior of fish and the need to fish areas far from the shore, the best tackle for autumn fishing is donka. But if deep-sea points occur directly near the coastline, you can continue fishing with a float rod, because it is characterized by higher sensitivity, which is important in case of poor and sluggish biting. The fishing rod is rigged in the same way as at any other time of the year. The only differences may relate to the choice of float: if fishing is carried out in calm water, it makes sense to give preference to floats with an elongated shape, while its carrying capacity should correspond to the depth of the location. Too thin products with low carrying capacity will not be able to detect a bite at a depth of 2-3 meters.

When choosing a bottom fishing method, you need to prepare a short telescopic rod. Based on the fact that you won’t have to make very long casts, this type of tackle will fully justify itself.

The optimal weight of a feeder with bait and hooks is 10-20 grams. When examining quiet places with little current, it makes sense to use spring feeders or advanced “methods”.

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The latter type of feeders is characterized by the ability to contain large volumes of bait mixture, as well as deliver it to a specified place. To make your fishing more targeted, you can consider open, flat-bottomed fishing feeders called “flats.” Due to their specific design, they lie completely on the bottom, attracting large prey.

When fishing in the fall, it is quite reasonable to use two hooks on one tackle. This approach will allow you to determine the most optimal bait in a short time, and will also increase your chances of catching a large trophy. But if the location is full of various snags and bottom obstacles, it is better to stick to one hook.

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