Making tackle Crucian carp killer from Mikhalych with your own hands

This type of gear appeared relatively recently, but experienced fishermen have already appreciated the advantages of this design. It cannot be classified as a sport one, since the bite signal is practically not transmitted to the tip of the rod., its structure is such that the fish is hooked on its own.

What does crucian carp killer tackle look like?

Externally, the crucian carp killer is something similar to a tram of three cars: instead of them there are three springs, as well as several hooks located on one single base. A feeder with leashes is attached to the springs.

In principle, you can install one feeder or several at once - it all depends on how many fish a person is going to catch, as well as on his fishing skills. If you master this type of tackle well, you can catch up to five fish in one cast.

You can find similar gear on sale in two key varieties:

  • Blind type - here a fishing line is used, the diameter of which should be from 0.3 to 0.5 mm, to which from one to five feeders are sequentially attached (you can find five pieces, but most often three pieces are installed). The feeders themselves are of the spring type; they can be taken either loaded or not. If they are not weighted, then a very heavy sinker will need to be attached to the end of the tackle, the mass of which should be about 250 grams. Two or three leashes are attached to each feeder, the length of each of them is 4-7 cm. The hooks are not too large, designed specifically for crucian carp;
  • Sliding variety - only one feeder is used here, which is installed at the very end of the tackle. Behind it is a swivel, protected from slipping with the help of a safety bead. Leashes with hooks are attached between the bead and the swivel. The sensitivity of this gear is much higher, since the signal of a perfect bite is immediately transmitted to the rod.

Today in fishing stores you can find a variety of versions of this gear, which will differ from each other due to the diameter of the fishing line used, the number of leashes, feeders, rocker arms, and various kinds of bends made of stainless metal.

What is this

At first glance, the crucian carp killer tackle looks quite primitive - these are three springs with leashes next to each, attached to a piece of fishing line with a sinker at the end

. Yes, and the installation of this gear is quite simple, and its principle of operation, but we will talk about this below.

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Some anglers say that two feeders and a pair of hooks will be more than enough, and I am also inclined to this opinion. But the number of hooks and feeders used is influenced by many factors, such as biting activity and fishing conditions.

Many fishermen have heard about the sensational equipment from Mikhalych, at first I thought of devoting a whole article to it, but then I decided that providing one video would be enough.

  • monofilament fishing line or braided cord with a diameter of 0.3 mm;
  • drop-shaped sinker with an eye weighing 40-50 grams;
  • carbine with swivel;
  • feeder, unloaded sliding feeders in the form of springs;
  • hooks corresponding to the type of fish;
  • pieces of fluorocarbon leashes for attaching hooks, 3 to 5 cm long.

How to make a killer from Mikhalych with your own hands?

This tackle has gained wide popularity largely due to the fact that it can be easily made independently from scrap materials. The likelihood that a hand-made tackle will turn out to be very catchy is quite high. Moreover, it has already managed to repeatedly prove its effectiveness.

The principle of operation of the crucian carp killer is quite simple: bait is filled into the feeder, and a hook with a thin fishing line will need to be inserted into each piece. The approaching fish will begin to feed, at which time the hook will enter its palate or lip. The crucian carp, trying to throw it off, will begin to rush, which will be instantly noticeable by the movement of the rod.

To make such a tackle yourself, you need to take the following materials:

  • Monofilament line , made from nylon or fluorocarbon;
  • Swivel g, equipped with a small clasp;
  • Certain size hooks . Their size will depend on what kind of fish you plan to catch. It is worth noting that the crucian carp must completely swallow the hook, otherwise it can easily break off during hooking;
  • Sinker having a small eye;
  • Springy feeder , which is not equipped with additional weights. All tackle will be assembled on a braided cord, the length of which will be about 70 cm.

The production technology of this product is as follows:

  • A swivel and a sinker are attached to the base of the tackle
  • Install a stopper after the swivel , and you need to retreat at a distance of about 15 cm;
  • Next, install the required number of feeders . If a fisherman has just started mastering this gear, then it is best to install no more than two feeders, and ideally start with one. This will allow you to better understand the operation of the gear;
  • After this, it is necessary to attach leashes to the tackle , and a certain distance must be maintained between them so that during casting they do not overlap each other.

The crucian carp will be more willing to bite if the fishing line is as inconspicuous as possible. You can hang any bait on the hook itself. Even a piece of polystyrene foam is perfect - roll it into a ball, coat it with complementary foods and hang it on a hook.

Springs that make up a feeder can be made from the following materials: take a steel bar and wind a rather thick copper wire around it in a spiral. 10-12 turns are quite enough . For the central part, you will have to take the rod from a gel pen, where the ends of the spring are inserted.

How to make tackle with your own hands

To make a crucian carp killer in a home workshop, you will need components purchased in the store (swivel, hook, leader material, fishing line), as well as springs that you can make yourself.

Dummy springs are also sold in stores, but when making them yourself, the fisherman chooses the sizes he needs, varies the number of turns in the feeder, as well as its diameter.

How to make springs for a crucian carp killer

To make your own pacifier spring you will need:

  • copper or welding wire of the required diameter;
  • pliers;
  • hollow metal tube 10 cm long;
  • hacksaw for metal.

The tube is selected with the diameter that the future spring should have (10–12 mm). A notch is made in the tube with a hacksaw 2 cm deep.

Spring manufacturing procedure:

  1. cut a piece of wire 20 cm long;
  2. using pliers, make a loop with a diameter of 0.5 cm at one end;
  3. loop the wire inside into the slot of the tube;
  4. wind 10 turns of wire around the tube;
  5. cut off the excess wire, leaving a straight piece of 5 cm;
  6. use pliers to make a loop at this end;
  7. bend the ends with the loops so that they are located opposite each other.

Sizes of springs used

The issue of choosing the diameter of the tube, and therefore the size of the feeder, as well as the distance between the turns deserves special attention. As practice has shown, large springs are inconvenient, since when casting, the tackle with a light load gets tangled and, when it gets into the water, does not straighten out, especially when fishing in a standing position.

It seems to novice fishermen that the larger the size of the spiral, and accordingly the more bait that can fit into it, the higher the likelihood of attracting fish. But, in addition to the issue of attraction, it is necessary to solve the problem of the correct position of the crucian carp killer equipment in the water and convenience when casting, so it is not recommended to make and install large springs.

The optimal spring diameter is 10–12 mm, length 25–30 mm.

Installation of gear with three such spirals will provide:

  • convenience when casting;
  • correct position of the equipment in the water;
  • attractive to fish.

When fishing in a current, the load is chosen to be heavier, and because of this, all the equipment turns out to be more cumbersome, and you also need to take into account the weight of the bait in the springs.

In this case:

  • reducing the number of pacifiers from three to two;
  • We accurately select the weight of the cargo for the existing conditions;
  • We find a place to fish where the current is less intense.

When fishing on a river with a strong current, the installation of a crucian killer shows good results, but it must be balanced so that, on the one hand, the flow of water does not carry away the equipment, and on the other hand, it is convenient to cast it.

Base materials

The question of choosing the material on which the tackle will be knitted also plays a big role both in terms of reliability and performance of the assigned functions. First of all, you need to decide whether the springs will be fixed or slide along the main line.

A braided fishing line is suitable for making a blind rig, but after it gets wet in water it becomes more tangled and before casting it is necessary to control the position of the springs and leads. The sliding equipment is knitted on a monofilament line with a diameter of 0.3-0.35 mm, or fluorocarbon 0.35-0.40.

Fluorocarbon is even preferable, because this material is more invisible and stiffer than monofilament and will not curl after several fishing trips.

Leashes and hooks

Leashes for crucian carp killers are knitted only from braided or soft leash material. After sinking to the bottom, the leaders must float freely next to the dummies, and the hooks are raised above the bottom by floating attachments, so monofilament line or fluorocarbon are definitely not suitable.

Hook numbers 8–12 according to the European classification, nickel or Teflon coating. During fishing, the hooks experience serious stress; they cling to stones and aquatic vegetation. As a result, before each cast, you need to make sure that the hooks are sharp, because the performance of the entire equipment depends on this.

It is difficult to predict in advance which hook the fish will bite on, top, bottom, or middle, so they all must be fully prepared. It is advisable to have equipment with bright, red or golden hooks in stock; it sometimes helps out when there is no bite, although it is mainly bream and roach that are caught.

Solid installation

A blind installation is knitted from several pieces of braid with pre-tied springs and leads, for this you need:

  • to a 10 cm piece of braid, on one side, attach a fastener for the load, on the other, a spiral pacifier;
  • tie a 10 cm piece of braiding with a pre-attached spring to the first spring;
  • tie a 10 cm long piece of braiding with a pacifier to the second spiral;
  • tie a piece of braiding 10 with a loop to connect to the base to the last pacifier;
  • Tie leashes with hooks directly to the springs.

Attaching hooks to spiral dummies to some extent prevents them from getting tangled, and considering that crucian carp killers generally get tangled more often on braided lines, this becomes a determining factor. A blind rig is effective for active biting, but for catching cautious fish, choose a sliding crucian killer.

Sliding installation

The advantages of a sliding mount are that the springs move freely along the line, limited only by beads or stoppers, and wary fish do not feel resistance when eating bait. This type of gear is used both when fishing on lakes and rivers, and its catchability commands respect.

Even those who prefer not to use multi-hook rigs use the crucian carp killer on their fishing trips and achieve results.

When tying a sliding rig, float stops or beads are used to limit the movement of the spring along the line, especially since bright, multi-colored details act as an additional factor attracting fish.

To knit a sliding installation you will need:

  • a piece of fluorocarbon fishing line 50 cm;
  • three pacifier springs;
  • weight on the clasp;
  • three leashes with hooks;
  • swivels;
  • float stops or mounting beads.

The leashes are attached to swivels or directly to the main line, whichever is convenient for you.

Manufacturing process of the crucian carp killer sliding mount:

  1. tie a fastener to one end of the fluor to secure the load;
  2. tie a swivel 2 cm above the load;
  3. tie a bead above the swivel;
  4. put a dummy spring on the fishing line;
  5. At a distance of 10 cm from the load, tie two beads and a swivel between them;
  6. put on the spring;
  7. another 10 cm higher, tie another swivel between two beads;
  8. put on a pacifier;
  9. another 10 cm higher, also two beads and a swivel between them;
  10. make a loop at the end to connect to the base;
  11. Attach leashes with hooks to the swivels.

Instead of beads, you can put large float stoppers on the fishing line and stretch them to each of the swivels. This rig is used repeatedly and retains its physical characteristics on many fishing trips.

Despite the fact that ready-made installations of crucian carp killers are sold in stores, making it yourself allows you to choose exactly the materials and characteristics that will ensure the best result.

Homemade rigs can also differ in the length of the base, the size of the hooks and the length of the leaders, and even the number of springs, but we offer the option that really catches fish.

Advantages of a crucian killer

This gear has a lot of positive qualities.

Here are just a few of them:

  • Fishing is carried out using several hooks at once , which immediately increases the likelihood of catching fish. Moreover, they are quite close to the bait. Several hooks allow you to use several types of bait at once, which will help you very quickly determine the taste preferences of the fish at the moment;
  • Feeding with several feeders allows you to attract fish very quickly, which means that they will bite much earlier;
  • fish with this gear in any weather conditions, including rain and strong winds. Its significant mass allows it to be accurately thrown into a certain area of ​​the reservoir even in strong gusty winds;
  • You can use quite a lot of bait , and this tackle is versatile. It is also used for catching crucian carp, bream, carp, carp and a number of other peaceful fish.

If you make this tackle with your own hands, you can take into account your own preferences, take into account the characteristics of the reservoir and a number of other features of fishing in a certain place.

Do it yourself

Making tackle with your own hands is not difficult. To do this, you need to purchase the following fishing parts:

  1. Fishing line - monofilament with a diameter of 0.3 - 0.5 mm is usually used. If fishing is carried out by casting, then it is necessary to use a fishing line of at least 0.5 mm. For leashes, monofilament of a smaller diameter or a braided cord of 0.2 mm is used.
  2. Sinker - a massive streamlined lead sinker weighing 80 - 100 g is suitable for this purpose.
  3. 3 spring feeder feeders.
  4. Small carp hooks.

Installation of the gear is carried out in the following sequence:

  1. Three feeders are installed on the main line at a distance of 15 cm from each other.
  2. A lead sinker is attached to the end of the main line.
  3. One leash with a hook is attached to each feeder. Leashes should be 3 – 5 cm long.

At this point, the production of the bait is considered completed. The “Crucian Killer” tackle can be used for bottom fishing. The test rod should be chosen to be large enough, because the equipment is too massive. It is advisable to use springs with a tube inside, in which case the installation process of the gear is greatly facilitated.

Scheme for manufacturing the design of the tackle “Crucian carp killer”

Disadvantages of equipment

Despite the fact that the crucian carp killer has quite a lot of positive qualities, there are also some negative characteristics. First of all, this concerns the low sensitivity of the gear, especially when there are several feeders.

This figure can be greatly increased, largely thanks to the assembly of the sliding structure, since the signal will be transmitted directly to the rod.

None of the fishermen is immune from such an unpleasant moment as the overlap of leashes during casting. To prevent this from happening, during the manufacturing process of this gear you will need to carefully measure all available distances .

The product is quite heavy, so you won’t be able to use a standard feeder rod. It is much more convenient to take a donk, since its strength will be quite sufficient to withstand the weight of the tackle, as well as a fish of considerable weight that has bitten.

Fishing technique

The specifics of catching crucian carp using the crucian carp killer rig looks quite simple and is practically no different from fishing with a feeder.

By following these tips, you can send the spring exactly where you originally planned. When performing subsequent casts, the blank is held in a vertical position without tension until the line is on the clip and the impact occurs. Next, the rod needs to be lowered forward and placed on the stand. Such actions will eliminate the need to constantly rewind the fishing line after lowering the springs to the bottom.

Considering the large weight of the equipment, it will be problematic to determine a weak and sluggish bite of crucian carp. The key signal that the fish has been successfully hooked is a sharp jerk with slack in the line.

A properly configured “crucian carp killer” provides excellent results when catching this inhabitant of the depths, but deprives the angler of the main fascination and excitement of fishing. The technique is intended for catching large trophies, so fans of sport fishing are better off considering the classic feeder option.

Many fishermen who prefer to fish with bottom gear are increasingly paying attention to a relatively new design called a crucian killer. This equipment is incredibly effective, it leaves no chance for the fish, which is why it was given such a loud, intimidating name.

The main advantage of this equipment is the close location of complementary foods and attachments. An undoubted advantage is also the presence of several feeders that ensure high-quality feeding of the fishing point.

We can’t help but mention the versatility. For example, to convert a crucian killer to catch other fish, you just need to replace the bait and install leashes with hooks of the required number.

Tips for fisherman: How to cut crucian carp for smelt fishing - Answers for beginners

In general, fishing for killer crucian carp is quite an interesting and active fishing. You definitely won't be bored with it.

Advantages of the gear:

Good to know

  • If the mass of the springs performing the function of feeders is approximately the same, then you should not install a sinker after each of them. It is hung only after the last feeder. This will allow you to prevent the gear from getting tangled during fishing so that it lies fairly evenly on the bottom of the reservoir;
  • Each feeder needs to be fed with different complementary foods . Due to the fact that the taste preferences of crucian carp change from day to day, the chances of attracting it are becoming greater;
  • The bait should not become too soggy in the water , therefore, when making it, you need to add as many binders as possible. In particular, a certain amount of clay from the banks of the reservoir where fishing will be carried out, or rolled oats, is added to the mixture;
  • When assembling the tackle, it is advisable to make as few knots as possible, otherwise the design will turn out to be quite weak.

How to increase the catch of crucian carp?

To catch more fish, you can purchase various types of bite activators, which contain special pheromones. Any fish will actively take on such substances in any weather conditions and at any water temperature.

Unfortunately, today such means are prohibited, so you will have to think additionally about ways to attract fish.

You can add special additives to the bait that stimulate a strong appetite in the fish. For now, they can be purchased in fishing stores - the most effective among them is the American product FishHungry.

Bites will occur much more often if you place at least two hooks on each spring. If the fish does not take hook number 7, then it can be replaced with number 5 . This may be due to the fact that a smaller fish has approached and cannot swallow the hook. This usually helps a lot in getting the fish to bite again.

Conversion of the “Crucian carp killer” tackle into a more sensitive and catchable one

In principle, it is not too difficult to slightly alter such gear so that it becomes more sensitive.

It is enough to perform a number of actions:

  • The load is not attached immediately behind the last feeder , but much further - at least half a meter. The weight is chosen depending on the reservoir: in standing water 20 grams is enough, and in a strong current this figure can reach 300 grams;
  • The stop bead is located close to the sinker;
  • It is advisable to place a sliding bead that will hold the feeder, and do this so that it is located between two locking elements: they are placed at a distance of 10-15 cm from each other. This way the feeder will move freely over a certain distance.

These simple actions will allow you to feel the bite much better and react faster to the caught fish, preventing it from jumping off the hook.

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  • A very catchy tackle , and it can be assembled from any available materials. The technology of use is not too different from a traditional feeder rod, but you can catch significantly more fish with it (Alexey, 24 years old);
  • It is very easy to use this equipment . As complementary food I used ordinary fishing clay, to which I added a small amount of rolled oats. In a couple of hours we managed to catch a dozen and a half crucian carp. In addition to them, two carp and four bleaks bit. For a beginner, the catch turned out to be quite decent, I plan to go fishing again with this gear (Peter, 38 years old);
  • This tackle cannot be classified as sports , but with its help you can catch simply a huge amount of fish. The main thing is not to hang too many hooks, otherwise you will have to untangle the gear more than actually do fishing (Igor, 32 years old).
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