Interview with the athlete in feeder fishing Andrey Lyutykh

Feeder fishing athlete Andrei Lyutykh, in an interview for our readers, spoke about the nuances of collecting feeder gear for amateurs, as well as where a beginner should start fishing and what to do if there are no bites.

We talked about the expenses of feeder lovers and the most common mistakes that can leave you without a catch.

– Write a few words about yourself. How long have you been doing feeder fishing? Are you participating in competitions? How is it going?

Hello, my name is Lyutykh Andrey, I’m 31 years old, I live in Cherepovets. I am a discharge athlete, a member of the Allux35 team. I became interested in feeder fishing not long ago. I first heard about it in 2018 and decided to try it, of course, like everyone else, it was a spinning rod.

In the spring of 2021, I was invited to an amateur competition in Rybinsk, I decided to participate because I had watched a lot of videos over the winter and thought that I already knew something. There I met fishermen from the city of Cherepovets and my future teammates.

At these competitions I decided that a sports feeder was what I needed. Danil taught me everything from scratch: marking, installations, bends, leashes, etc. A month later, already having my own feeder, I participated in the Vologda Region Cup. There I took 7th place in the individual competition and received 2nd category. After these competitions, we created our team - Allux35 (, which, in addition to me, included already experienced athletes: Danil Politov and Sergey Morozov.

Our main goal is to go to competitions in the regions, because this is how an athlete can grow.

We participate in competitions on an ongoing basis. This year we visited: the championship of the city of Cherepovets and the cup of the Ivanovo region, where we took second place. Unfortunately, working at enterprises does not allow us to travel to all the desired competitions.

Why you should choose feeder fishing

– Why should a novice fisherman pay attention to feeder fishing? Why is she so fascinating?

I recommend that beginners pay attention to feeder fishing. You can fish almost anywhere with a feeder. When you come to any body of water, you can fish with this gear. For me, this is one of the most catchy fishing trips, if you approach fishing wisely, you will definitely catch fish and catch a lot. If you go deeper into the sport, it is probably a cheaper sport than float fishing or carp fishing. But for the first steps in a feeder, a beginner needs to prepare a larger budget than in a float.

If you are not a float fan like me, then the feeder is for you. You will experience true pleasure from the bends of the quivertype, and enjoy being alone with nature. Well, if you don’t have enough adrenaline, then you’re definitely in the sport of fishing.

New items for fishing 2021

The World of Hunting chain of stores presents new items for fishing.

New baits New reels - New arrivals New feeder rods - New arrivals Spinning rods Replenishment of the range of wobblers New wobblers 2021 New spinners 2018 New echo sounders and navigators


Groundbait MINENKO PMbaits ready to use mix No. 1

Groundbait MINENKO PMbaits ready to use mix 4kg No. 1 943 RUR

Groundbait MINENKO PMbaits ready to use mix 4kg No.1

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A special delicacy for carp is a mixture of grain crops, such as corn, wheat, hemp seed, etc. Using ready-made grain mixtures, you do not need to spend many hours searching, buying and preparing grains and you can pay more attention to your favorite pastime - fishing. A large fraction, a balanced composition, the use of high-protein additives, natural extracts and extracts allow you to selectively attract and retain large fish in the fishing zone.

Boilies MINENKO PMbaits dusting Monster crab 20mm 1kg

Boilies MINENKO PMbaits dusting Monster crab 20mm 1kg 497 ₽

Boilies MINENKO PMbaits dusting Monster crab 20mm 1kg

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Dust boilies for carp are not subjected to heat treatment, but are simply dried. When it gets into water, the binder begins to gradually dissolve, due to which the boilie is destroyed layer by layer. Highly nutritious attractive components, extremely actively attract fish.

As it dissolves, a highly attractive cloud of turbidity forms around the boilie.

See all baits and attachments in our catalog.


Reel Daiwa Ninja 3012A RUB 4,396

Reel Daiwa Ninja 3012A

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Daiwa Ninja reel - Lightweight graphite body;
- Air Rotor Air
- not only prevents water ingress, but also ensures smooth rotation and increased control. Read more ;
— Hollow line guide AIR BAIL AIR BAIL
— lightweight hollow cylindrical line guide, made of titanium or (depending on the model) high-strength stainless steel. More details ;
— Anti-twist roller Twistbuster Twistbuster
— Anti-twist roller for fishing line.
This is one of DAIWA's most useful patented developments. Read more ; — Instantaneous brake Infinite Anti-Reverse Infinite Anti-Reverse
— Infinite (instant) reverse brake.More details;

— Spare aluminum spool.

The Daiwa Ninja series range varies depending on spool size and pulling power.

Reel Grows culture CB 4000 3+1 698 RUR

Coil Grows culture CB 4000 3+1

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Grows culture CB reel An entry-level reel that will be an excellent gift for a beginning angler. — Rear clutch — Light weight and minimal dimensions — Excellent traction characteristics — Spare graphite spool included The Grows culture CB series range varies depending on spool size and traction force.

Replenishment of the Grows culture assortment - reels, baits, rods.

Reel Daiwa Black Widow BR 5000A RUR 5,299

Reel Daiwa Black Widow BR 5000A

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Daiwa Black widow reel Carp reel with a short front drag and an elongated conical spool.
This model belongs to the BigPit reel class. — Aluminum casting conical spool; — Instantaneous brake Infinite Anti-Reverse Infinite Anti-Reverse
— Infinite (instant) reverse brake.More details;
— Soft-Touch handle grip Soft-Touch
is a special elastic rubber-like matte paint coating. Has good adhesion to metals, wood, fabrics and most polymeric materials. Read more; — Shackle latching system; The Black widow series range varies depending on spool size and pulling power.

Reel Daiwa Exceler LT 5000D C 10,353 RUR

Reel Daiwa Exceler LT 5000D C

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Daiwa Exceler LT reel A series of spinning reels with the LT (Light and Tough) index.
— The body is cast from carbon fiber Carbon Light Material Housing Carbon Light Material Housing
— Enormously durable and at the same time lightweight composite material.
Read more ; — The housing cover is secured with screws with star-shaped slots torx torx
— A type of slot for threaded fasteners in the shape of a six-pointed star.
Read more ; — A turned alloy handle is inserted into the main gear wheel shaft; - Air Rotor Air
- not only prevents water ingress, but also ensures smooth rotation and increased control. Read more ;
— Hollow line guide AIR BAIL AIR BAIL
— lightweight hollow cylindrical line guide, made of titanium or (depending on the model) high-strength stainless steel. More details ; The Exceler LT Series range varies depending on spool size and pulling power.

Reel Daiwa Laguna E 2000A RUB 2,799

Reel Daiwa Laguna E 2000A

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Daiwa Laguna reel Daiwa spinning reel.
— DigiGear Technology DigiGear
— These gears transmit high torque with less loss and have a smoother ride. More details ensures maximum wear resistance and performance;
ABS spool ABS
- the spool reduces friction of the fishing line during the descent, increasing the casting distance. More details with a reverse cone prevents the fishing line from getting tangled;
— Anti-twist roller Twistbuster Twistbuster
— Anti-twist roller for fishing line.
This is one of DAIWA's most useful patented developments. Read more ; — Instantaneous brake Infinite Anti-Reverse Infinite Anti-Reverse
— Infinite (instant) reverse brake.More details; — The kit includes an additional spool; The Laguna series range varies depending on spool size and pulling power.

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NEW FEEDER RODS - NEW ARRIVAL Daiwa Ninja-X feeder rod

Rod Daiwa Ninja-X feeder 3.60m 50-150gr 5,433 RUR

Rod Daiwa Ninja-X feeder 3.60m 50-150g

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Line of feeder rods.
— Budget price coupled with high quality; — Thin and light form; — Cork handle with lower clamping nut; — DPS reel seat DPS
is a reel seat that allows you to finely balance the casting tackle. Read more; — Light steel rings with titanium oxide inserts, hook holder; Includes 3 tops.

Nautilus Magnet feeder rod

Rod Nautilus Magnet feeder short MSF9HQ 2.70m 150g RUB 3,516

Rod Nautilus Magnet feeder short MSF9HQ 2.70m 150g

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A line of Magnet Feeder rods from the French company Nautilus. For lovers of bottom fishing, there are three options: Magnet Feeder Classic A universal option, average in terms of test, action and length. The fishing rod is presented in gold color. Magnet Feeder Short Short but powerful. Lightweight parabolic blanks with fast action. They cope excellently with casting large feeders and landing large fish. Model in blue. Magnet Feeder Power The most powerful representatives of feeders. Parabolic blanks with medium-fast action are characterized by increased power. Model in bronze color. You can view all feeder rods here. SPINNING RODS

Graphiteleader Vivo Nuovo An updated series of spinning jigging rods. Vivo Nuovo is a continuation of the famous Vivo series. These are all the characteristics of the previous series, technologically adjusted for Russian conditions, using more modern materials.

Spinning rod Graphiteleader Vivo Nuovo GNOVS 742L 3-15gr 32,900 ₽

Spinning rod Graphiteleader Vivo Nuovo GNOVS 742L 3-15g

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Made in Japan! New spinning rods 2018

742L 762MLThe lightest spinning rods in the series. Element - light jig and any lead equipment.
762M 762MHUniversal models. Ideal for jig fishing in different conditions as part of their test. Work well with most wobblers for pike.
792ML 802M 802MH 842MHigh sensitivity, each model perfectly conveys the bottom topography and will not allow even the most cunning predator to miss a bite.
842H 842XHPowerful spinning rod for heavy jigs and large rubber. Ideal for deep waters and strong currents.
902MIdeal for jigging from shore. The perfect balance of stiffness and fast action.

EXPANDING THE RANGE OF wobblers Wobbler Pontoon21 Hypnose

Wobbler Pontoon21 Hypnose 38mm 3.8g. up to 0.3m R41 500 ₽

Wobbler Pontoon21 Hypnose 38mm 3.8g. up to 0.3m R41

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Fishing technique:
Working depth:
0.3 - 1.2 m
shallow, ultralight, noise

This series includes three modifications of different depths: surface (SSR), shallow-depth (MR), medium-depth (MDR).

Wobbler Pontoon21 Tantalisa

Wobbler Pontoon21 Tantalisa 70JF-SR-R37 447 ₽

Wobbler Pontoon21 Tantalisa 70JF-SR-R37

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Fishing technique:
even retrieve, twitching
Recommended for fish:
perch, pike

This bait has a shallow depth and high oscillation frequency. Has sweeping movements in the horizontal plane.

NEW wobblers 2018

Wobbler Megabass Great hunting A specialized trout wobbler, suitable for predators in our reservoirs. This bait belongs to the Minnow type. Megabass Great Hunting is available in two sizes (48 and 52 mm) and has two modifications - floating and sinking. The game is active, throwing the wobbler around looks violent and very noticeable. Wobbler Megabass Great hunting worldspec 52F 3.2g GG teaser 499 ₽

Wobbler Megabass Great hunting worldspec 52F 3.2g GG teaser

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Wobbler TsuYoki Strip 60F An assertive, aggressive, small shad type bait with a strong personality. The wobbler has a unique immersion depth. Due to the fairly large inclination of the bait during retrieving, it practically does not cling to obstacles. Wobbler TsuYoki Strip 60F 014 300 RUR

Wobbler TsuYoki Strip 60F 014

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NEW SPINNERS 2021 Spinner Crazy Fish Soar
Spinner Crazy Fish Soar No. 101 1.8g 211 ₽

Spinner Crazy Fish Soar No. 101 1.8g

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Lightweight spoon for catching trout, chub, perch and small asp in ponds and lakes.

On ponds it is effective in the upper and middle layers of water. On rivers, use SOAR in small and medium flows, as well as for fishing holes and return lines. Although the weight of the spinner is small, thanks to its compactness on a thin cord, SOAR will fly far.

Spinner Pontoon21 Ball concept

Spinner Pontoon21 Ball concept 3 B04-003 282 RUR

Spinner Pontoon21 Ball concept 3 B04-003

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Thanks to the design of the stacked core, the accuracy and casting range are several times higher than lures of this class. The reaction of a predator is also positively influenced by the vibrations generated by moving the spinner in the water.

An inclination of 40-45 degrees of the blade of the spoon allows you to use the bait in absolutely calm water and in fast currents.

You can buy spinners and wobblers in all Mir Okhota stores.


Garmin Striker Plus 5cv GT20 fish finder

Sonar Garmin Striker Plus 5cv GT20 40 100 RUR

Garmin Striker Plus 5cv GT20 fish finder

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Fishfinder echo sounder.

Includes transducer for built-in traditional Garmin CHIRP CHIRP

- It stands for Compressed High-Intensity Radiated Pulse, translated as a compressed high-intensity emitted signal, in Russian - linear frequency modulation (chirp).
The use of a CHIRP signal allows you to increase the accuracy of measurements and clarity in obtaining the image and characteristics of the probed object. More details and scanning sonar CHIRP ClearVü ClearVü
- Scanning sonar.
Uses a unique multi-element shaded ultrasonic transducer. It emits a wide range of pulses and receives more information. This results in the sonar displaying the clearest images you've ever seen. Read more. Built-in Garmin Quickdraw™ Contours mapping software Garmin Quickdraw™ Contours
- Quickly view your areas of interest. Quickdraw Contours shows your path on the water. This way you can easily see which areas you have already recorded depth data in and which gaps remain to be filled. More details allows you to create and save maps with isobaths every 30 cm for an area of ​​up to 8000 sq. km. Built-in 1Hz GPS receiver for marking waypoints, creating routes and viewing boat speed. Bright 5″ display with excellent image quality even in sunlight and an intuitive user interface. Garmin Etrex navigator

Garmin Etrex 10 GPS Glonass navigator RUB 9,660

Garmin Etrex 10 GPS Glonass navigator

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The new eTrex series navigators are the first receivers that can simultaneously receive signals from GPS and Glonass satellites.
When using satellites of both systems, the number from which signals are received increases by 24 compared to using only the GPS system.

Lowrance Hook echo sounder

The HOOK Series includes color fishfinders and chartplotters/fishfinders with excellent visibility even in direct sunlight and at wide angles.

Features of HOOK-4, HOOK-5, HOOK-7 and HOOK-9

  • Bright high-definition screen with diagonals of 4″, 5″, 7″ and 9 inches to choose from
  • Technologies CHIRP CHIRP
    - Stands for Compressed High-Intensity Radiated Pulse, translated as a compressed high-intensity radiated signal, in Russian - linear frequency modulation (chirp).
    The use of a CHIRP signal improves measurement accuracy and clarity in obtaining images and characteristics of the probed object. Learn more and DownScan Imaging™ DownScan Imaging™
    - Technology that provides a realistic image of the surface, clearly defined bottom structure, contrast of soft and hard layers, clearly displays the boundaries of the thermocline . More details
  • [downscanoverlay] technology overlays DownScan images on CHIRP sonar
  • ASP Interference Filtering System ASP
    - Technology automatically adjusts sensor sensitivity to the optimal level, reducing noise and false alarms and eliminating the need for manual adjustments by the user.Read more
  • TrackBack™ TrackBack™
    is a technology that provides the ability to scroll back the echo sounder recording (echogram), as if to go back in time and view the entire path of movement and, if something happens, return to the place where there were more fish and mark this waypoint (for models with chartplotter).More Allows you to view your sonar history
  • Built-in, high-precision GPS antenna
  • Cartography support including Navionics+ and C-MAP MAX-N maps

Features of HOOK-3x and HOOK-3x DSI echo sounders

  • Bright 3.5-inch color screen with LED backlight
  • ASP Interference Filtering System ASP
    - Technology automatically adjusts sensor sensitivity to the optimal level, reducing noise and false alarms and eliminating the need for manual adjustments by the user.Read more
  • Dual frequency sensor: HOOK-3x - 83/200 kHz; HOOK-3x DSI - 455/800 kHz
  • HOOK-3x DSI additionally includes DownScan Imaging™ technology DownScan Imaging™
    - Technology that provides a realistic image of the surface, clearly defined bottom structure, contrast of soft and hard layers, clearly displays the boundaries of the thermocline. More details

Echo sounder Lowrance Elite-7Ti mid/high/totalScan RUB 78,360

Lowrance Elite-7Ti mid/high/totalScan echo sounder

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Particular attention should be paid to the new product - the technological model of the Lowrance Elite-7Ti echo sounder. Read more about echo sounder here.

Echo sounders and navigators can be purchased in our stores.

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The reference article is based on the expert opinion of the author

How to collect tackle for a beginner and an amateur

– Suppose a decision has been made to master feeder fishing. And the first task is to collect the tackle. Probably everyone will say that there is no universal feeder, but still, what is the first feeder for a beginner to choose? What are the parameters? Price, expensive or budget?

Indeed, based on the realities of our market, the buyer’s eyes run wild. There are thousands of offers, different brands, lengths and tests. I’ll say right away that you shouldn’t hope to assemble gear for a nominal 1000–2000 rubles. I recommend that beginners pay attention to brands that have been on the market for many years.

I would decide for myself where I will fish, that is, what river and fishing conditions. Let's take the average current and the average distance. Taking a rod costs 3.6 with a weight of up to 80–90 grams or 3.9 meters long with a weight of 90–120 grams. I would recommend a medium action blank, in the process you will already understand whether you need a faster or softer rod.

When considering the issue of choosing a reel, one cannot help but dwell on the basics of feeder fishing. When fishing, we need to throw the feeder with food at one point, so it is important to understand that feeders weighing 90 grams are a big load on the mechanisms. Therefore, you should not choose a small reel; it is better to choose a 5000 size reel for these conditions.

At first, you shouldn’t choose an expensive kit. When choosing, you should pay attention to consumables - quivertips, which often break. Therefore, it is better to take a fishing rod from a company that has spare parts for sale.

We recommend reading

Interview with a discharge athlete in feeder fishing Ilya Nazarenko Interview with a feeder fishing expert Ilya Nazarenko, who told how an amateur feeder differs from...

– How important is it to choose the right reel? What are the dangers of choosing the wrong reel? And are there really reels made specifically for feeder fishing?

Indeed, the reel plays a significant role in successful fishing. It is important to choose the correct size for your rod. When they talk about the size of a reel, they mean the size of the spool that comes with the reel. It is customary to start from the Shimano size range. Each manufacturer has its own line of sizes. Reels from different brands with the same nominal size may vary noticeably.

Usually the size is indicated by a number (4000, 5000, 6000, etc.). The higher the number, the larger the spool and the reel itself. Of course, the larger the diameter of the spool, the smaller the number of turns per unit of time at the same flight speed of the equipment. This means that the fishing line or cord will experience less resistance when casting, and the equipment will fly further. At the same time, the reeling will be smoother, which is also important in feeder fishing.

In addition, the size of the reel affects the balance of the entire tackle. The closer the center of gravity is to the reel, the easier it is to work with the tackle when casting and retrieving, that is, the less tired the angler will be by the end of fishing. This is especially noticeable during fast paced fishing, when the pauses before the bite are short, and fishing involves a lot of recasts.

There are many reels on the market with the Feeder prefix, but in reality there are only a couple of brands that produce feeder reels. Otherwise, it’s just a marketing ploy. The rest make universal coils. A beginner should not pay attention to this attachment when choosing the first reel.

I hope I answered this question, and it will be clear to beginners why it is important to choose the right reel for your fishing rod.

– What feeder equipment do you recommend using in 90% of fishing cases and why?

After joining the sport, I began to use only sliding equipment, since other types are prohibited. Therefore, I recommend using only sliding installation in 100% of cases. There are a lot of videos on the Internet from famous athletes about this topic, I recommend watching them, since people understand what they are talking about and have been using it for years. After watching the video, tying the rigs and fishing with them, you can make a choice in favor of one or another installation for yourself.

Why is sliding equipment important, and not blind equipment? If the sliding equipment breaks, the fish will only have a hook, a leash and, possibly, part of the net in its mouth. In a few days the hook will rot away and the fish will continue to live freely. With a tight rig, there will be a break, and the fish will have no chance of survival. In sports, it is extremely important that the fish must remain alive.

New Tubertini products from the 2021 feeder program

The Italian company is actively developing a feeder program, as a result of which the model range is constantly being improved with the involvement of well-known fishing experts, and the search for new innovative materials and technologies used in the manufacture of fishing rods that provide high consumer properties. At the same time, much attention is paid not only to top sports series, but also to inexpensive models available to a wide range of anglers. As a result, next year Tubertini will traditionally delight consumers with a large number of new products, taking into account the wishes of its official representatives in various countries, including our company.

Among the new products in the 2021 feeder program, we can highlight the new EXCESS FEEDER series with popular lengths of 3.3; 3.6 and 3.9 meters and tests 80 and 100 gr. This model range replaces our acclaimed Telica and Focalize series. A three-piece with a short transport length, three tips of different power, a reasonable price with the traditionally high quality of materials used in the manufacture - all this will undoubtedly arouse interest in this new product.

You should pay attention to two more new series - CONCEPT FEEDER SEA in length options 3.6; 3.9 and 4.2 meters and an updated line of NITRO FEEDER 2 river feeders in lengths of 3.6 and 3.9 meters.

Of undoubted interest among apologists for fishing on large and deep rivers with strong currents will be two models of powerful river fishing BIG RIVER FEEDER in lengths of 3.9 and 4.2 meters with a dough weight of up to 200 g.

In 2021 we will also see an updated series of very popular and versatile SYNTHESIS feeders, in the new version it will be the SYNTESIS PRO series in versions 3.3; 3.6 and 3.9 meters and with dough 40-120 gr.

Also worthy of attention is the new series of lightweight ATRAX feeders, specially designed for catching carp, grass carp, and large crucian carp using conventional and method feeders. Despite its lightness, elegance and apparent frivolity, the blank with a clearly defined progressive structure is designed specifically for fighting large fish, as a result of which a two-part design is used for all models in this series. In lengths of 3.3 and 3.6 meters, a large transport length (165 and 184 cm, respectively) is the main “scaring” factor for our fishermen, while in models 2.7 and 3.0 meters this disadvantage is already somewhat leveled out .

The expected new product is the R18 FEEDER series. An ultra-thin, very light yet powerful blank, titanium guides, four carbon tips combined with the perfect level of finishing - everything corresponds to the highest level of this flagship series. The main disadvantage is the high price.

Separately, we can highlight another series - OPPORTUNITY, which consists of powerful telescopic feeders 3.6; 3.9 and 4.2 meters long with dough up to 150 g. This rod is actually a hybrid, as it can be used both as a feeder and as a powerful match rod for catching large fish both at sea and in freshwater bodies.

The 2021 program also includes models from previous years from the GALAXY, NEXT GENERATION PARABOLIC FEEDER, CONCEPT TB, OPTIMO FEEDER PLUS MK II, REFLEX series, many of which are already well known to our anglers.

Code Name Length m Transport length, cm Weight, g Butt diameter Test, gr Example price,


*05734* SYNTHESIS PRO 3.3 115 207 14.4 mm 120 53
*05735* SYNTHESIS PRO 3.6 125 223 16.2 mm 120 57
*05736* SYNTHESIS PRO 3.9 135 258 16.4 mm 120 63
*05726* EXCESS FEEDER 3,3 117 188 80 70
*05727* EXCESS FEEDER 3,3 117 207 100 73
*05728* EXCESS FEEDER 3,6 127 205 80 75
*05729* EXCESS FEEDER 3,6 127 242 100 77
*05730* EXCESS FEEDER 3,9 138 244 100 82
*05748* ATRAX LIGHT 2.7 141 126 10.3 mm 40 65
*05749* ATRAX LIGHT 3.0 154 132 11.3 mm 40 68
*05750* ATRAX MEDIUM-LIGHT 3.0 154 134 11.4 mm 50 70
*05751* ATRAX LIGHT 3.3 165 149 11.9 mm 40 75
*05752* ATRAX MEDIUM-LIGHT 3.3 165 151 12.3 mm 50 77
*05753* ATRAX LIGHT 3.6 184 172 12.6 mm 40 83
*05714* CONCEPT FEEDER SEA 3.6 125 186 13.2 mm 50 100
*05715* CONCEPT FEEDER SEA 3.9 135 212 13.9 mm 80 120
*05716* CONCEPT FEEDER SEA 4.2 145 293 14.2 mm 100 140
*05717* NITRO FEEDER 2 3.6 124 230 14.8 mm 120 90
*05718* NITRO FEEDER 2 3.9 134 248 15.4 mm 120 100
*05743* BIG RIVER FEEDER 3.9 135 365 15.7 mm 200 130
*05744* BIG RIVER FEEDER 4.2 145 400 16.5 mm 200 140
*05755* R18 FEEDER LIGHT 3.3 117 155 10.5 mm 35 300
*05756* R18 FEEDER MED-LIGHT 3.6 128 174 11.0 mm 50 320
*05757* R18 FEEDER MEDIUM 3.9 137 192 11.5 mm 80 335
*05005* OPPORTUNITY TELE 3.6 120 18.3 mm 150 70
*05006* OPPORTUNITY TELE 3.9 120 18.7 mm 150 85
*05007* OPPORTUNITY TELE 4.2 120 21.3 mm 150 85

Where to start fishing and what to do if the fish don’t bite

– Let’s assume that a beginner has collected his gear and arrived at the reservoir. Where to start fishing to finally see the first bite?

The first thing you need to do is, first of all, choose the right fishing point. But a beginner will not be able to do this without knowledge. You need to watch a video about choosing a point on the Internet at home, I recommend Vitaly Kolganov’s video. This needs to be seen and understood. Then come to the reservoir, leave the marker load, try what it is and how.

If you have a friend who is a feeder, preferably an athlete, go up to him and ask him to show him how to mark correctly. Once you try it yourself, the video will become immediately clearer. Next, you need to mix the feed correctly. I recommend watching the video from Salapin and experienced fishermen who will give you tips and show you. Never be afraid to ask for help, athletes will always help.

When you have everything ready, it is important to throw the food exactly at one point. In feeder fishing this is very important. With practice you will succeed.

– What to do if there are no bites?

If you don't get any bites, the first thing to do is change the bait. Try different versions of it; now almost every store has a different live component. Sometimes it is enough just to give the cut live component to the point. Then you should play with the length of the leash and hook. If this doesn’t help, try dipping the bait and adding aromatics to the feeder.

Also, do not forget that you could have made a mistake in choosing the fishing point, when you try everything and it does not help, then you need to change the point and start all over again.

Feederham and his role in modern bottom fishing

Photo: Vladimir Kosenkov.
Today I would like to talk about just one of these elements of feeder equipment - a feeder or, in other words, a rubber shock absorber.

Feedergam is an insert made of a special elastic material between the leash or equipment, which allows you to smooth out the jerks of the fish.

Moreover, it can be used both when fishing with a line and with monofilament as the main line.

We can say that feeder rubber is a relatively new thing that has been used among a wide range of anglers not so long ago.

Like many similar “assistants”, she came from feeder sports, where attention to detail is enormous, because Every little thing like this can decide the result of the competition.

Read the material “No need to chase famous hounds from exhibitions”

Today there are quite a lot of companies and brands offering their clients feeders. Their products vary in diameter, stretch, hardness and color. Separately, I would like to say that there is also plug rubber used in float fishing, but it is not suitable for feeder fishing due to its excessive stretchability and the fact that it has positive buoyancy.

I won’t talk about brands, but I will say that the most comfortable rubber to use will be rubber with a diameter of 0.6-0.8 mm with medium elongation.

Photo: Vladimir Kosenkov.

Now let's look at when the feedergam is used. I think that many people are aware of situations when a fish begins to be very “capricious” and is very picky about the diameter of the leading line and the size of the hook - this happens quite often. In addition, even with a fairly good bite, reducing the diameter of the fishing line and hook can bring an even more pleasant result.

Speaking about the small diameter of the leader line, I mean everything below 0.12 mm and, if we talk about hooks, then these are sizes 14-18 numbers. Moreover, it doesn’t matter what the reel is based on, a cord or a monk, a rubber insert won’t hurt. So, in such situations, feeders are indispensable. It will allow you to use thin leashes when catching large bream, roach and crucian carp, as well as when fishing for carp in a paid reservoir.

Read the material “The secret of catching wild large bream far from cities”

Now let's talk about how the feeder is mounted into a rig and in what rigs it can be used. Regarding the second point, I will say that it can be used in absolutely any traditional feeder equipment, it will work everywhere. As for the method of its installation, from the many options I chose the following - an insert 10-12 cm long with two loops at the ends.

Thus, on one side this insert is attached “loop to loop” with the main fishing line, and on the other side the leash is attached to it in a similar way. Since I fish using an in-line sliding rig, the feeder cam replaces the lead for the leash, which is usually a twisted fishing line.

Photo: Vladimir Kosenkov.

Predicting the thoughts of readers about how the feeder affects the sensitivity of the tackle and the identification of bites, as well as whether it is necessary to do a more amplitude hooking, I will write thoughts on this matter, which are based on my own experience.

In my opinion, feeder rubber does not affect the sensitivity of the tackle and does not require stronger and more amplitude hooks. The only thing I think is that the second one will not be superfluous when fishing with a monofilament line. But, I repeat, the presence of a rubber insert does not affect the identification of bites in any way.

Now a little about what results this can bring. Many times I had situations when a large bream began to bite only with a 0.08-0.1 mm leash and a 16-18 number hook. Using a feedergam on such thin leashes, I caught bream weighing 2.5-2.7 kg, and the fishing was absolutely controllable with the correct setting of the clutch and hand work. In addition, very often it helps feeders on a paid site.

Many times it happened that a standard carp from a paid reservoir weighing 1-2.5 kg began to bite only when switching to leashes made of 0.12 mm fishing line. Please understand that this is a very extreme diameter for carp fishing.

Well, as an example of the result of using feedergam - a carp on the Moscow River weighing 2.1 kg on a 0.08 mm leash with a small hook No. 18. That carp was not the target, but bit by accident while catching bream, but the rubber band helped to deal with it.

Therefore, if you have a desire to try something new, develop your fishing skills and catch even more coveted trophies, then feedergam is what you need to take note of.

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And I’ll also tell you a little secret on how to save your precious money on purchasing feeder rubber. Sewing stores sell beaded rubber with diameters of 0.6-1.0 mm from Gamma, which is ideal for use in fishing.

Photo: Vladimir Kosenkov.

However, it is important to choose it correctly, so that it is solid beaded rubber, and not woven elastic threads. In addition, it ages much faster during storage and, what’s funny is that only a bluish rubber band has all the properties of feedergam.

It's funny, but all the other colors of this elastic that I tried could either tear or lack elasticity and not return to their original shape after stretching. However, all these nuances are justified by its price - 55-70 rubles. per reel.

Thank you everyone for reading the article. I really hope that it was interesting and that my experience of fishing with a feeder will be useful for you.

Thank you!

Vladimir Kosenkov January 30, 2021 at 12:02

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