Review of the best boots for winter fishing. Rating based on user reviews and voting

Bear SV-73sh

Our review opens with the most popular boots for winter fishing among buyers from the domestic company Vezdekhod. The boots are quite warm, durable and high quality. They do not allow water to pass through, do not slip on snow and ice, thanks to the studded sole, and are designed for use in extreme conditions. They are manufactured in a size range from size 41 to 46. The products are distinguished by a comfortable last, high-quality material and optimal shaft height. According to customer reviews, the boots are very warm and their feet do not freeze even in severe frost.


  1. Quality and reliability;
  2. Drawstring cuff at the top of the boot;
  3. A light weight;
  4. High popularity;
  5. Comfortable shoe;
  6. Natural fur on knitted fabric is used as insulation;
  7. Can be used in extreme weather conditions;
  8. Do not slip;
  9. High tightness.


  1. No large sizes;
  2. High price.

Best EVA Ice Fishing Boots

These shoes are made from ethylene vinyl acetate, making them durable, light, and beautiful. This material allows you to keep your feet warm even in sub-zero temperatures. Due to its elasticity, there is no discomfort during walking and it does not rub the skin. In the category of the best boots for ice fishing made of EVA, 3 models stand out.

Wading boots Torvi EVA TEP

These are solid boots for winter fishing, due to which there is simply nowhere for water to seep in due to the absence of seams. A fisherman can safely enter them into a river, lake, or sea without fear of getting sick. The shoes do not feel on your feet due to their lightness; they are made of dense materials that do not freeze even at low temperatures, and at the same time do not rub the skin. It has a very comfortable last, so even with prolonged wear the foot does not get tired. The sole is resistant to abrasion and deformation, which increases the service life of the product.


  • Tall;
  • Comfortable bottom;
  • Doesn't let your feet get wet;
  • Good form;
  • Give stability to the fisherman;
  • Reduce the load on the foot due to the raised toe.


  • Available in one color.

Torvi wading boots are sold in a wide range of sizes, starting from 41 to 47, so men have no problems with the choice.

Insulated boots for hunting and fishing Toptygin

These ice fishing boots are reviewed as being warm enough for cold temperatures. It is comfortable to fish in them because they are frost-resistant and almost indestructible to mechanical damage. This wear resistance is due to the high strength of the materials, which increases the service life. They do not harden in the cold, which creates comfort when walking. The product has an optimal length, up to the shin, so it is comfortable to squat and bend in the shoes. The fabric does not rub the foot and does not cause any discomfort while wearing.


  • Comfortable shoe;
  • High-quality materials, including EVA;
  • The maximum wearing temperature is up to -45 degrees Celsius;
  • High density;
  • Corrugated surface;
  • Dark color;
  • Fabric upper that does not press on the skin.


  • High price;
  • You can't go deep into the water.

Winter boots Norfin Berings Eva

...I have been using these boots for quite some time and I can say that they perfectly hold back the cold, reduce the load on the spine due to the comfortable shock-absorbing pads and do not allow my legs to get tired...

Expert opinion

What makes these boots best for winter fishing and hunting is their resistance to low temperatures; you can walk in them until the thermometer shows less than -45°C. They have a non-slippery shoe, which allows you to comfortably cover long distances on snow and even ice. It adheres well to the surface due to the absence of a pronounced heel and due to the “waffle” structure. In such shoes, the fisherman is not in danger of getting his feet wet, since condensation is drained away in a timely manner thanks to a 5-layer liner. The boots are light enough for long-term wear.


  • Made from EVA;
  • Reliable thermal protection;
  • Good fixation on the leg;
  • Do not slip on the surface;
  • At the top they are tightened along the shin;
  • Black color;
  • Wide range of sizes.


  • Not very tall;
  • You won't go far into the water.

Torvi EVA TEP T-60

A model of boots that is specially designed for use in low temperatures. The boots are made using the latest technology, solid cast, without a single seam. The material used is a modern EVA polymer, which is distinguished by its practicality and reliability. Comfortable insulated replacement liner consisting of 7 layers, two layers of foil, two layers of non-woven material, one layer of non-woven flax fibers, one layer of polymer and a layer of hypoallergenic knitted fabric. Comfortable last, wide shaft with cuffs, light weight, excellent shock absorption and high-quality non-slip sole. Boots have a very long wear life. The largest size in this model is 47.


  1. Insulated liner, which consists of 7 layers;
  2. ;Solid;
  3. Wide shaft with a tightening cuff;
  4. Can be used at temperatures down to -60 degrees;
  5. Long service life;
  6. Excellent shock absorption and stability.


  1. No color choice.

Criterias of choice

It is extremely difficult to choose winter fishing boots through an online store. Such shoes need to be inspected in person, tried on on the spot, and tried various options for additional insulation. Therefore, you need to go to a fishing store and choose boots on the spot, having previously known the answers to the following questions:

  • How cold can it be in winter in your area?
  • How thick is the snow cover in the area where you fish most often in winter?
  • How often do cracks and holes appear on the ice where you are fishing?

The answer to the first question will allow you to decide on the capabilities of winter shoes. Most manufacturers produce boots in which the angler can feel comfortable at temperatures down to -30 degrees Celsius. Temperatures below this limit can damage the material from which the boots are made. At consistently low temperatures, you will have to look for boots with an even lower temperature limit.

However, a relatively short stay at such temperatures can be tolerated if you insulate yourself with an additional liner, an additional insole or regular thermal socks.

The thickness of the snow cover directly affects the choice of boot height. High fishing boots on one side are guaranteed to prevent snow from getting behind the tops. On the other hand, they are less convenient. We'll have to look for a compromise.

Men's boots made of EVA (-45°C) with liner (g/allergenic fabric) TORVI 2,800 for 1 pair. Men's boots made of EVA (-45°C) with liner (fur) TORVI 2,750 for 1 pair. Boots OX-14 O 1.14 (with laces) Nord Man New Red Nordman 3,220 for 1 pair.


Men's EVA boots (S-032) BARS 1,680 1,344 for 1 pair.


Winter boots. Hunting FOREST Norfin 5,709 4,567.20 for 1 pair. Boots HUNTER PRO DEMAR 7,100 for 1 pair. Boots ARCTIC EXPEDITION 6000 BASQUE 10,990 for 1 pair. Boots mod Winter POLYVER 7,030 for 1 pair. Boots Snowline 12.0™ GRUBS 8,855 for 1 pair. Men's boots Helsinki KAMIK 11,100 for 1 pair.

The answer to the third question will help you decide on the sole tread. The slipperiest surface is ice covered with a thin layer of water. Therefore, if the ice on a pond often cracks and water gets onto its surface, it is better to choose winter boots for ice fishing with a clear, deep tread or even boots with spikes.


Selection by external features

  • Manufacturer
    . A large number of manufacturers produce high-quality winter shoes for fishing. Traditionally, the best of them are based in Sweden, Finland, Norway and Canada. Recently, manufacturers from Russia have been joining them. The ranking of the best manufacturers includes such brands as NORFINN (Latvia), NORDMAN (Pskov-Polymer, Russia), POLIVER (Sweden), KAMIK (Canada), TORVI (Russia), DEMAR (Poland), GRUBS (GREAT BRITAIN).
  • Aesthetics
    . Each of us wants our shoes to look beautiful. Therefore, the first selection criterion is aesthetic beauty. Choose what you really liked at first sight. Let it be two or three pairs of boots. Which ones to choose can be decided based on other criteria. For example, by color. But as you know, there are no comrades for taste and color.

Choice by price

The price of winter boots, like any other fishing equipment, can range from 1,000 to 20,000 rubles, and depends on the complexity of the product. But buying boots is buying a durable product. Therefore, saving on health and comfort is not the best solution.

But if you can only go fishing for a short time, then you can stick to the budget option. PVC winter boots in this case are a completely worthy option.

Choice for comfort and quality

  • Sustainability
    . The boots just need to be placed on a flat surface. If the balance is correct, the sole is heavier than the tops, then the “vanka-stand-up” effect will work. The boots will stand securely. This is at least convenient.
  • Thermal insulation
    . It is impossible to check the thermal insulation of boots in a store. You can only make sure that the soles of the boots are thick and the tops are evenly covered with a layer of material that provides thermal insulation. Unfortunately, the thermal insulation properties of shoes will have to be tested in nature.
  • Moisture protection
    . Carefully inspect the outer layer of the boots. There should be no visible cracks, cuts or even hints of such. Bend the sole several times and inspect it. Check the cuff adjustment at the top of the boot.
  • Comfort
    . Put on your boots and walk around the store in them. Boots should not fit too tightly, but not dangle on the foot. Keep in mind that before going fishing you will have to wear thermal socks or other socks made of thick material. Boots should not press under any circumstances.
  • Care
    . Basically we are talking about the outer protective layer of boots, which repels moisture well, so there should be no problems with caring for the top layer. It can be washed and wiped with a wet cloth. The inner layer of boots is usually dried or aired after fishing. What exactly is needed depends on the characteristics of the fisherman’s body, the weather outside and the specific fishing situation. It is also likely that condensation will occur when moving from a cold to a warm room.

Each boot has its own characteristics. Examine it carefully, keeping in mind that:

Woodland Grand EVA 100

Excellent boots for use in the winter season. Withstands fairly low temperatures. Made from innovative EVA material and 8-layer insulation. The insulation includes natural sheepskin, non-woven fabric with the addition of wool and flax, and foil to retain heat. The sole is stable and non-slip, has good shock absorption. At the top of the boot there are tightening cuffs to prevent snow or rain from getting inside. According to the manufacturer, such boots can be used even in -100 degree frost.


  1. Withstands temperatures down to -100 degrees;
  2. Lightweight, a pair of boots weighs only 500 grams;
  3. There is a large selection of sizes;
  4. Comfortable;
  5. Waterproof;
  6. 8-layer insulation;
  7. Optimal cost in relation to price and quality.


  1. Over time, folds appear on the folds.

Types of shoes for hunting

Hunting is an extreme sport and recreation that takes place in different parts of the world, under different weather conditions, and on a wide variety of animals. It is logical that shoes for hunters also differ depending on these factors.

Conventionally, according to hunting seasons, shoes can be divided into three types.

For winter

This type of shoe should have excellent thermal insulation, water resistance, a stable last and a “toothy” sole. Compatibility with ski bindings would be a good idea.


  • Felt boots. A classic type of hunting shoe, used less and less thanks to the emergence of more technologically advanced alternatives.
  • High boots. They retain heat well, but are very heavy.
  • Boots are excellent shoes for winter hunting and fishing. There are a huge number of models made from various materials. They can withstand the lowest temperatures, which is why they are used even by polar explorers.
  • Rubber boots. Inserts made of felt, wool, fur or synthetics keep warm. At lower temperatures, rubber becomes brittle.
  • Boots – mountaineering, hiking, army models. Experienced hunters often prefer good hunting boots to the warmest boots - they are much more comfortable, since thanks to the lacing they can be adjusted for ease of ascent and descent and movement on flat terrain.

For autumn and spring

Most often boots or rubber boots.

Main selection criteria:

  • vapor permeability from the inside and moisture resistance from the outside;
  • the presence of insulation suitable for the temperature conditions;
  • outsole that guarantees good grip on the surface.

For summer

Shoes should be: comfortable, durable, light, with a fairly flexible sole, protect from moisture, but at the same time be breathable.

Depending on the type of hunt (who is hunted and where)

Different prey requires different hunting conditions. If you plan to hunt from the approach, you should prefer shoes for walking hunting, which are characterized by increased wear resistance and the presence of reinforcements on the sole, toe, and lacing.

There is only one main requirement for shoes for ambush hunting: they must be warm enough if the ambush lasts for a long time. It is important to study the type of terrain, estimate the route in order to understand what obstacles may arise: swampy or rugged terrain, dense forest or mountains. And from here create a list of necessary properties.

Baffin Titan

This model from a Canadian manufacturer has all the qualities that are typical for winter fishing shoes for fishermen. They combine comfort, reliability and durability. Fully sealed, with an internal removable cover made of 8 layers. The material used is Premium Polar Rubber and polyurethane. These boots can also withstand temperatures down to -100 degrees. The sole is quite stable with anti-slip properties and good shock absorption. According to user reviews, the boots are very comfortable to wear and their feet do not freeze in any frost.


  1. Withstands extreme weather conditions and very low temperatures;
  2. Excellent non-slip and stable sole;
  3. Convenient to use;
  4. Holds heat well;
  5. Canadian made.


  1. Heavy, the weight of a pair of boots is 2.8 kg;
  2. High price.

Selection criteria

It is very important to rely on the following data when choosing shoes. This will help you avoid mistakes on your part, because any business must be approached selectively and responsibly. And then you will definitely be able to find good and comfortable boots.

  1. Size. Dear customers, when buying rubber boots, pay attention to the size, because it is very important not to forget that these shoes do not stretch, and it is better to take ones that will give your feet more freedom. Therefore, if there is the last size left and it is smaller than yours, then it is better not to try to squeeze into them.
  2. The sole - the comfort of your feet directly depends only on it. When choosing boots, be sure to pay attention to their soles. It should be thick (which will increase wear time), but at the same time flexible, because this will ensure comfort when moving. Be sure to have a relief, which will prevent slipping and provide stability when walking (especially important for winter fishing).
  3. Quality is also not an unimportant indicator. Be sure to check whether there are any defects on the rubber, whether the paint is evenly distributed over their surface, and whether there are disproportionate clots anywhere. This will prevent premature wear and will give you confidence in the shoes.

Now that we are familiar with the basic rules for choosing rubber boots, it’s time to get acquainted with the direct manufacturers of this product. The rating according to the portal includes leading companies specializing in the field we need.

Kamik Greenbay4-Men

This model is also from a Canadian manufacturer. The boots are based on a rubber sole, which has excellent anti-slip qualities and good stability. The top of the boots is made of rubber and polymer, and the insulation is removable from sheep wool. At the top of the product there is a fixing Velcro and a drawstring. These boots can withstand frost up to 40 degrees. The model is very comfortable to wear, has a high rise and high thermal insulation.


  1. Canadian quality;
  2. The insulation is made of sheep wool;
  3. Anti-slip sole;
  4. The presence of a fixing Velcro at the top of the boot;
  5. Withstands frost up to 40 degrees;
  6. Convenient to use.


  1. Heavy, weight of one pair is 2 kg.


It is known that fishermen, as a rule, have two complaints about winter shoes made of EVA: they are difficult to put on and easy to damage.

It is difficult to put on shoes because some have a high instep and wide shin. They find it difficult to insert their feet into ordinary EVA boots. And there is no talk at all about tucking the pants inside.

Easy to damage - this was already mentioned at the beginning of the article. EVA material is lightweight, porous and requires more careful handling than TEP or PVC, for example.

Nordman Optimal boots solve both of these problems.

Firstly, they are shorter than regular boots (on average by 8 cm), therefore they are wider in the shaft area, and the instep is higher. They are easier to put on, it is more comfortable to sit in them on a box near the hole in winter, and when walking they do not hit you under the knee.

Secondly, the sole, walls, toe and heel of the boot are thicker. Such boots are more difficult to puncture on twigs and branches (although, of course, this is also possible - after all, this is a feature of the EVA material). They also better protect the foot from freezing.

Therefore, although the liner is similar to the Classic model, the boots are a little warmer - up to -50°C.

Characteristics of Nordman Optimal

Composition of the liner: polyester mesh, natural wool fur (at least 50%), non-woven and foil fabric.

Size range: 41/42, 42/43, 43/44, 44/45, 45/46, 46/47, 47/48

It is better to take boots a size larger.

Recommended retail price: 1,790 rubles.

Nordman Optimal

Norfin Berings Eva

These boots are also made of high quality EVA material. Solid cast, completely sealed, with a durable, anti-slip and stable sole. In such boots you can easily walk long distances on snow or ice with minimal stress on the spine and joints. Inside, the sole has a waffle structure, which allows it to absorb all moisture from the inner liner if any appears. The boots are designed for use at low temperatures and can withstand frost down to -45 degrees. At the top of the boot there is a tightening cuff that reliably protects from water and snow. The inner liner is removable and made of 5-layer material.


  1. Excellent thermal insulation;
  2. Comfortable;
  3. Thanks to excellent shock absorption, the load on the spine is reduced when walking;
  4. Feet don't sweat;
  5. Wide choice of sizes;
  6. High-quality material;
  7. Optimal cost.


  1. The height of the boots is not very high, which does not allow you to go to a deeper place in the reservoir.

Top – 3 best luxury rubber boots for fishing and hunting in 2021


1 place

The brand is based on a purely English style, which is both discreet and at the same time fashionable.

ManufacturerEngland, China
Size chartfrom 36 to 43 (EU) – from 3 to 9 (UK) – from 5 to 11 (US)
Online store address
average price12000 rub.



  • attractive appearance;
  • natural rubber;
  • strength;
  • do not get wet;
  • comfortable last;
  • presence of polyester lining.


  • It is possible that models may run small.

HUNTER was created by order of the Duke of Wellington. The brand makes shoes from natural rubber. In addition, the boots are made by hand from 28 vulcanized parts, which provides more reliable protection.


2nd place

The company annually improves the quality of its products. To do this, experts conduct constant research and testing in order to bring unique and comfortable shoes to the market.

Size chartfrom 39 to 48.5 (EU) - from 7 to 14 (US)
Online store address[attribute][83][0]=444
average price11000 rub.

rubber boots BAFFIN


  • quality;
  • durability;
  • There are winter and summer models;
  • comfortable wear;
  • light weight (they are practically not felt when worn);
  • The lining inside absorbs moisture well.


  • Not detected.

This brand produces universal boots. With Baffin products, even in the most extreme conditions, fishermen and hunters do not feel any discomfort at all. It is very important that the sole does not slip at all, even on clay soil.


3rd place

The brand has become a leader in the field of specialized equipment for fishermen and hunters.

Size chartfrom 39 to 50 (EU) - from 5.5 to 13.5 (UK) - from 6 to 14 (US)
Online store address
average price7000 rub.

rubber boots NORFIN KLONDAIK


  • good thermal insulation;
  • three-layer liner;
  • rubber sole with high tread;
  • durability;
  • comfortable operation.


  • Not detected.

Absolutely every new product is produced based on the comments and wishes of customers. The products are known in 16 countries. If you stay in water or wet grass for a long time, the foot still remains dry and warm in winter, and in summer the foot is also not wet for a long time, because the liner absorbs moisture well.

For the sake of comfort when fishing and hunting, people are willing to spend a lot of money on equipment. Brands take into account all weather conditions to make customers more comfortable.

Yeti SV-75

Excellent boots for all winter fishing and hunting enthusiasts. In these boots you can be outside for a long time in the cold and you will feel comfortable. The product can withstand frost down to -60 degrees. The boots are very light, thanks to the porous material from which they are made. The insulation is removable and made of several layers. The last in this model was developed by Italian designers; it is characterized by increased comfort and ease of walking. There is also a compression cuff at the top of the boot.


  1. Boot height 42 cm;
  2. Light weight, two boots together weigh 0.5 kg;
  3. Good thermal insulation;
  4. Comfortable last from Italian designers;
  5. High-quality material;
  6. Withstands temperatures down to -60 degrees;
  7. The removable warm liner is made of 7-layer material.


  1. According to customer reviews, for some users the instep in the boots was low.

Choosing boots depending on hunting conditions

Shoes are an important part of a hunter’s equipment. Before buying it, you need to figure out which options will be more convenient for you. The common thing that different models should have in common is your comfort. You can determine this by walking around the store in your shoes for a while. This way you can feel whether it will be comfortable for you to hunt during long walks. Don't rush to buy the pair you like right away.

For hunting in the forest

Hunting in the forest means moving over an uneven surface, sometimes at high speed and for a long time. Boots should fit snugly enough to the foot for comfort when walking and fixing the ankle. In this case, weight is important: the lighter the shoes, the longer you will not get tired.

For hunting near water bodies

If you prefer to hunt waterfowl, buy rubber shoes to keep your feet dry. The higher the tops, the more reliable. Rubber does not allow water to pass through, but also air. It is most comfortable to use thick cotton socks when wearing rubber boots, and thermal pads in cold weather.

For fishing without a boat, waders or wading boots are useful, but they require careful care. If they dry out or are exposed to frost, the material from which they are made may crack, and you will have to purchase a new pair.

For autumn hunting

Autumn is a time of frequent rains and low temperatures. The hunter should take care of a pair of shoes that retain heat and do not allow water to pass through. Rubber, neoprene and leather boots are good choices. Water-repellent impregnation is used for leather, and special covers that retain heat are used for rubber shoes. Neoprene is a modern material, shoes made of which are comfortable to use.

For winter hunting

Winter dictates its own conditions: shoes for this period should be warm, and at the same time, your feet should not sweat in them. This effect is achieved through the use of natural materials - fur, leather, wool insulation. Products made from polyurethane and neoprene are also comfortable if you use cotton and wool socks. Leather shoes must be impregnated with a water-repellent compound. The tops should be high and fit your feet so that you don’t scoop up snow while hunting. A good tread on the sole prevents slipping on ice and crust.

Buyer's Guide: Questions and Answers

How to choose

If you decide to buy boots for winter fishing, then you should know that such shoes must meet the following parameters:

  • Boots should be light, with grooved soles so that they do not slip on snow and ice.
  • It is best to have shoes with soles made of rubberized material, since such material provides excellent grip on any surface.
  • Good thermal insulation, allowing you to stay in the cold for a long time. To do this, make sure that the soles of the shoes are thick and the tops are evenly equipped with thermal insulation material.
  • The insulation in shoes must be removable so that it can be pulled out and dried or washed.
  • The most important thing is that the boots are the right size for you, since you will be wearing such shoes for a long time and you will feel discomfort if the size is too small or, conversely, if the size is too large. Try putting on your boots and walking through the store. You should also remember that you will need to wear your boots with socks, so choose your size with that in mind. Shoes should fit snugly to the foot, but in no case should they squeeze the foot or dangle on it.
  • Boot tops must be made of water-repellent material. Therefore, carefully inspect each boot for cracks, various damage or cuts.
  • Also, the insulation inside the shoes must be breathable, i.e. provide good ventilation. In this case, your feet will always be dry and warm.
  • An important parameter is the width of the boot top. It should be wide enough so that the legs of a thick fishing suit can be easily tucked into the boots.
  • Sustainability is also important when choosing shoes. To check this parameter, simply place your shoes on a table or any other flat surface. If everything is in order with stability, then such shoes will behave like the well-known toy Vanka-Vstanka. In these boots you will feel confident both on hard ground and on snow or slippery ice.
  • The weight of the product is also important during operation. If the shoes are light, then it is pleasant and comfortable to walk in them; you will not get tired, even if you walk several kilometers. And it’s a completely different matter if the boots are heavy, you will experience constant discomfort when walking.

Winter boots for hunting

It’s worth mentioning separately about winter boots for hunting. Take 1-2 sizes larger . Boots are often equipped with thick insoles and thicker socks made of natural wool. It is worth paying special attention to the rise of the purchased shoes. Choose the exact same instep as your everyday shoes. This is necessary in order to easily remove boots. It also allows blood to circulate easily and gives a feeling of spaciousness and comfort. We must not forget about the height of the boot, as well as in shoes for winter fishing. Even if the hunt is organized in early spring, you should not wear low shoes.

Example . When hunting for wood grouse, which takes place in April, there is still snow, and in some places it is quite deep. If a hunter takes low shoes with thin soles, he may get his feet wet and, as a result, get sick or be unable to continue active recreation.

tarpaulin or cowhide winter boots in mild frosts. Be sure to insert warm insoles into your shoes, as well as foot wraps. It is recommended to soak the toes of your shoes with specialized shoe ointment on the eve of the hunt. Or castor oil for better waterproofing and increased flexibility.

HSN Tundra, winter. Price 5400 rubles. Upper: nubuck, thermoplastic elastomer sole, insulation: Thinsulate. One of the best winter hunting boots.

Arkhar – ACB002. Retains heat down to -25, good on the move, weight of one boot is 1250 grams. Waterproof material, genuine leather.

Norfin Siberia. The average price is 3200 rubles. Extremely warm thick insole, 4 main layers, the upper one is made of a special breathable material Thinsulate, the remaining 3 layers are polypropylene, felt and aluminum foil. Some of the best winter pairs of shoes available right now.

Boots for winter hunting should also be high. Most often they are made from thermoplastic elastomer . You can hunt in them at temperatures down to -50 . The top of such boots reaches a height of at least 40 cm , and in the upper part there is a sewn textile extension that does not allow moisture to pass through. The multi-layer stocking of winter boots for hunting should not allow the foot to rub in the sole and heel area. The sole is equipped with spikes that prevent slipping on ice or crust.

Important! For running hunting, boots should be light models. Otherwise, the steps will become heavy and clumsy. Which can cause discomfort and premature fatigue.

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