The most famous Abkhaz river is the deep Bzyb



Psou is a river in the Western Caucasus, flows in Georgia (Gagra municipality), Abkhazia (Gagra district) and Russia (Krasnodar region), representing the state border along its entire length.


In Abkhazia they fish either on the Black Sea or in mountain rivers or lakes. The water in local reservoirs is clean, especially near the coast. Many rivers and lakes are located far from populated areas. Therefore, getting to them is not always easy.

You can fish in Abkhazia both from the shore and from a boat or boat. The most commonly used gear is fly rods or donks, as well as spinning rods. A variety of bait is also used. Most often, fish are caught using worms, larvae, fry or insects.

Artificial baits are also often used.

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Who can you catch?

There are different types of fish found on the territory of Abkhazia. Some of them are especially loved by local fishermen.

Horse mackerel

Black Sea horse mackerel is very popular among fishermen in Abkhazia. This predatory fish can be caught at any time of the year. But it bites best in spring and summer. It is worth catching it with a spinning rod or a regular fishing rod. This can be done from the shore or from a boat. You can use mussel or shrimp meat as bait. The fish bite on them quite actively. You can either buy bait or get it yourself.

Sea bass

This fish is also known as smarida. It is found in the Black Sea. It lives mainly at depth, preferring to hide in holes. It is best to catch sea bass using bait or float rods. You should use shrimp or mussel meat as bait. The average size of sea bass that can be caught in Abkhazia is 10-25 centimeters.

Sea Dragon

This fish is also known as scorpion. It is often caught when fishing for horse mackerel. The fish are found at great depths. It is also worth mentioning that the sea dragon has three black spikes on its back. They are poisonous, so when you catch a fish, you should immediately cut off the spines from its back.


This is a fairly rare fish to catch in the late evening or even at night. Since the croaker lives at great depths, it is best to catch it with a donkey or spinning rod. It is best to use leftover shrimp or crab meat as bait. In this case, there is a chance to catch a really big fish.


Several species of such fish are found in the reservoirs of Abkhazia. To catch it, you should use a float or bottom fishing rod. Use pieces of meat or worms as bait. Mullet bite best in winter and early spring.

Sea crucian carp

Like its freshwater counterpart, sea crucian carp has excellent taste. It is found at depths from 5 to 50 meters. You can catch crucian carp at any time of the year. That is why this type of fish is considered the second most popular in Abkhazia. It is best to catch crucian carp using squid, mussels or shrimp.


Like crucian carp, carp is found in many reservoirs of the country. An experienced fisherman can easily catch fish weighing several kilograms. You can catch it with a regular float rod. Canned corn or any other vegetable bait is suitable as bait. You can also catch carp using a worm.


Trout fishing is one of the favorite outdoor activities in Abkhazia. These fish are found mainly in mountain rivers. To be sure not to be left without a catch, you should go to one of the local trout farms.


Katran or Black Sea shark is a fish that is best caught on a spinning rod with a strong fishing line. She is quite large. The average size of the katran, which can be caught in the waters of Abkhazia, is 7-8 kg. Body length is 80-90 cm. As in the case of the sea dragon, the spines must be cut off from the back of the katran after it has been caught.

And also in Abkhazia you can catch carp, red mullet, pelengas, garfish and salmon.

Fishing on Lake Ritsa

Lake Ritsa stands apart among lakes not only in Abkhazia. This is a real world pearl. The lake is located at an altitude of 950 meters and in addition to the listed crucian carp and carp, there are elite species of fish - trout and acclimatized whitefish.

I talked about fishing for crucian carp and carp above. Here I’ll tell you about trout and whitefish fishing. Well, I’ll say a few words about the chub. If you want to get real pleasure from fishing in Abkhazia with a spinning rod. Lake Ritsa will provide you with these emotions.

It is with spinning rods that trout and whitefish are caught in Ritz. I use various spinners as bait. By the way, when fishing for trout, you will often come across chub; there are quite a lot of them in the lake. I bring to your attention a video of fishing in Abkhazia on Lake Ritsa:

As for trout and whitefish, in addition to spinning in Abkhazia, they are also caught using ordinary corn. However, when fishing with corn, you will most likely come across crucian carp and carp. Trout can only be caught occasionally.

Review of fishing spots

Finding a fishing spot in Abkhazia is very easy. The country is rich in lowland and mountain lakes. Fans of freshwater fishing should visit one of them.

  • Inkit. The lake is flat and is located on Cape Pitsunda. There are many different birds found there, including ducks and herons. There is also a large amount of fish in this lake. Most often carp and crucian carp are caught there. You can fish on Lake Inkit at any time of the year. It is best to use a hook or float rod for this. You should choose bread or dough as bait. Any vegetable bait, such as corn or potatoes, is also suitable.

  • Blue. This lake is one of the natural attractions of Abkhazia. It is located near Lake Ritsa. The reservoir is not large in size, but is striking in its depth.

  • Ritsa. The lake is one of the best in the whole country. In addition to carp and crucian carp, there are whitefish, chub and trout. The lake is very popular among sport fishing enthusiasts. In addition, it is one of the main natural attractions in all of Abkhazia. Nearby is Lake Malaya Ritsa. But fish are not caught there in such large quantities.

  • Amtkel. The lake appeared in 1891. Unlike other Abkhaz lakes, the water level in it constantly fluctuates. Amtkel has a large variety of fish. Most often you can find quicksand, chub and barb there.

You can also count on a good bite when going fishing on one of the local rivers. There are quite a lot of them in Abkhazia. They are not too big, but full of water.

  • Bzyb. The main river in the whole country is Bzyb. It is there that people vacationing in Gagra prefer to fish. It is home to a large number of freshwater fish. Most often, salmon, trout and representatives of the carp family are caught here.
  • Gumista. The water in this river is crystal clear. It is home to trout and salmon. Fish bite at any time of the day or night. You can catch it with a regular fishing rod or spinning rod.
  • Mchishta. This body of water is also called the Black River. The name comes from the fact that black algae grows on the rocks. Fishermen come here to catch different types of salmon. They are found in this reservoir at any time of the year.
  • Kodor. The river is located near Sukhum and flows into the Black Sea. Fish are caught there in large quantities. But in order to catch large salmon or trout, you need to spend a lot of time.

Sea fishing is also very popular in Abkhazia. Fish on the Black Sea is caught both from a pier or shore, and from a boat or boat. There is a huge amount of fish there. The best fish are red mullet, sea bass, horse mackerel and mullet. It is worth catching fish with spinning tackle, using high-quality artificial bait.

We should also talk about paid fishing in Abkhazia. There are several good places throughout the country where you can go fishing for little money and get a good catch.


This recreation center is located on the banks of the Bzybi River. Lake Ritsa is also located not far from it. There is everything you need for a comfortable stay. Guests of the base can stay in one of 8 small houses. There is also a Russian bathhouse and a large outdoor swimming pool on the site. For entertainment, in addition to fishing, rafting is available. In addition, there is the opportunity to go on one of the excursions.


This is an excellent campsite, which is located in Pitsunda. The place is popular both among fishermen and ecotourism lovers. Guests of the camp can spend their free time horseback riding, snorkeling or simply relaxing in nature. Fish is caught here in large quantities.


A trout farm with this name is located next to the mountain and the Mchishta River. It was created back in 1934 by order of Stalin. Trout was bred there and raised in large quantities. Fish was supplied to most boarding houses and sanatoriums in the country. Nowadays there are also huge numbers of trout there.

In order to go fishing on its territory, adults need to pay 150 rubles for a ticket, and children – 100. The advantage is that guests of the base can cook the caught fish right on the spot.


This is another popular trout fishery. It is located near the city of Gudauta. Fishing there is very comfortable. Fishermen can be given fishing rods and bait on site. On the territory of the trout farm there is a well-stocked lake. You can catch several large fish there in a fairly short time. The advantage of this place is that after fishing on the territory of “Gudauta” you can eat delicious, freshly prepared trout.


This is a popular recreation center located in the city of Gagra. There are comfortable houses for living on the site. The base provides transfer services. Fishing is included in the range of services that are available to everyone who lives on the site.

And also everyone can pay for fishing tours to the main reservoirs of Abkhazia. In this case, for little money you can get a full tour of the surrounding area and find out where the best place to fish is.

To summarize, we can say that fishing in Abkhazia is a great way to relax with benefit and appreciate the beauty of the local nature.

See the video below for everything about fishing in Abkhazia.

Suspension bridge

Why do tourists come to these regions? They are attracted not only by the opportunity to see picturesque places - a river, lake or cave, but also by the emotions that can be recharged here. And we are talking, among other things, about visiting suspension bridges.

The bridge is hung with ribbons that vacationers tie when making a wish.

The current originates in the mountains of the western Caucasus at an altitude of 2300 m. The city of Pitsunda stands on it. In some places, the banks of the reservoir are connected by metal suspension bridges. At first glance, the structures may seem fragile and fragile, but this opinion is far from reality.

In fact, there is no need to worry about safety: bridges are highly durable . And next to them you can look at the famous waterfall, which amazes with its beauty.

You can also arrange rafting along the river. This pleasure costs 800 rubles per person.

Sea fishing


The Black Sea is a huge body of water, the area of ​​which is more than 430 thousand square kilometers, the total volume of water exceeds 555 cubic kilometers. The waters of the Black Sea are rich mainly in commercial fish. Here, too, there are species of no commercial importance, poisonous fish, and species found in the Red Book. In total, this area is inhabited by about 190 species of fish, 144 are marine inhabitants, and the rest are migratory or freshwater species.

Coastal sea fishing

For sea fishing in Sochi, it is not necessary to go out to the open sea. You can simply fish coastally: from shallow piers, breakwaters or in the Seaport. This method of fishing is a completely common practice, loved by local fishermen. Almost every day, many avid amateurs sit right on the piers near the Marine Station, but they cannot always boast of a good catch. As usual, fishermen come here early in the morning, sit near the pier, deploy their gear and fish. They catch fish for bread, chicken meat, and turkey meat. You can catch both small and medium-sized fish from the shore. The following species are often found here: horse mackerel, mullet, red mullet, gobies, crucian carp, garfish, croaker, perch, ruffe and other small species of fish. A big catch is not guaranteed, but you can always catch a small amount.

Fishing on the high seas

For those who want to truly feel the extreme thrill of sea fishing, try going further from the shore into the open sea. In the second case, new fishing opportunities will open up for you. In a three-hour trip on a boat, you can most likely catch up to three to six kilograms of small sea fish. Most often, they fish with several hooks at the same time (up to ten on a line). The fish readily “eats” shiny hooks and becomes prey for fishermen. For an organized exit as part of a group, you should come to the central building of the Seaport. On the right side of the building, there is a pier where ships are moored. A three-hour tour as part of a group will cost 1,500 rubles per person. Fishing gear is provided free of charge. Ships depart from the pier at eight in the morning every day. We have an individual sea fishing tour on a yacht in Sochi lasting 3 hours.

What kind of fish can you catch in Sochi

As mentioned earlier, fish are caught in these places all year round. Fishing in Sochi on the open sea will give you the opportunity to catch a huge variety of fish. Most often, fishermen catch red mullet, hake, and horse mackerel on their hooks. Less commonly you can find Black Sea herring, scorpion fish, bluefish and other species.


A small bottom-dwelling fish, reaching a length of 25-30 centimeters. It is found at shallow depths (15-30 meters) near river mouths. It is better to fish with crab meat, mussels, and boiled shrimp. Red mullet meat is considered a delicacy: it is tender, tasty, and extremely fatty.

Horse mackerel

Horse mackerel is caught with shortened spinning rods on bare hooks with beads. The average length of the fish is 12 centimeters. Found in schools in shallow and deep waters. The meat is fatty, delicate in taste, rich in vitamins. In winter, larger mackerel are caught.


Bluefish is the most predatory fish in the Black Sea, it has very sharp teeth, and even when it is not hungry, it still destroys other, smaller fish. It grows up to 40 centimeters in length and is caught in late summer and early autumn using spoons. It has lean and pleasant-tasting meat.


Pelamida lives in schools and belongs to the mackerel fish family. In the Black Sea, active fishing occurs in mid-summer for two months. If you find a flock of bonito, the bite will be very frequent. They are mainly caught using spinners and wobblers.

Black Sea herring

A schooling commercial fish of the Black Sea up to 25 centimeters long. Herring can be caught in the waters of the Seaport in spring and autumn. Fishing is carried out on a bare hook with mechanical baits. The taste is no different from ordinary herring.

Hake (hake)

A medium-sized fish, as a rule, reaches a length of half a meter. There are larger individuals - up to 75 centimeters in length. You can often hook fish weighing more than two kilograms. Bottom fish. It is caught mainly by bottom trawl. Hake meat is dietary.

General information about fishing in Abkhazia

There are a lot of objects of fishermen’s dreams in the waters of Abkhazia. Moreover, both in its fresh waters and in sea waters. This is why the event is divided into two types.

Sea fishing

  • from a watercraft
  • from the pier or from the shore

Everything that swims in the Black Sea, but in the context of the publication it would be appropriate to mention only the most common species: red mullet, horse mackerel, sea bass, mullet, sea bream (sea crucian carp).

In general, you can catch a lot of people there, but in order to pull out, for example, a meter-long
, you need to have certain experience, knowledge and equipment.

Fishing in rivers and lakes

Freshwater fish species in Abkhazia are the same as in central Russia - pike, perch, carp, chub, pod

and so on, but, of course, tourists are most interested in
. They suit him. The territory of the republic is full of “cool” places - both wild and developed (in the form of paid ponds and lakes).

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Fishing from Tuapse to Abkhazia

The success of fishing on the rivers of the Caucasian coast of the Black Sea depends on various conditions. It is very important to know the seasonal migrations of fish and master different fishing methods.

Ashe, Psezuapse, Shakhe, Mzymta, Psou are rivers that originate on the southern slope of the Greater Caucasus Range and flow into the Black Sea. If you are a fisherman and like to combine a sea holiday with fishing, you have a chance to enjoy catching a wide variety of fish in mountain rivers. The character of these rivers is in many ways similar: in the upper reaches the flow flows along a steeply sloping bed; in the middle reaches the river is still fast and rapids; in the lower reaches, on the plain, the flow of the river slows down significantly; wide reaches with a weak current often form before flowing into the sea. The latter is due to the fact that at the mouths of mountain rivers, as a result of the sea surf, alluvial deposits of pebbles are often formed. These are the so-called bars. They dam the river, preventing water from flowing out freely. Therefore, on some rivers the mouth may look like a flowing lake.


Of the seventeen Abkhazian rivers, the three largest stand out with a length of more than a hundred kilometers each - these are the Bzyb , Kodori and Inguri, and the smallest not only of the Abkhazian, but also of the world, the length of which is almost two times less than its width (twenty meters to thirty-five in the aboveground parts) is Reprua, which flows into the sea from under a rock on the opposite edge of the beach near Gagra.

The true queen among the rivers of Abkhazia is Bzyb . From the countries of its Birth, namely from the southern slopes of the Caucasus, the river flows through the kingdom of life, because the length of its path is from the eighty-meter steep slope from which the river originates, and the dozen glaciers of the Watershed Caucasus Range that feed the Bzyb through almost the entire north of Abkhazia to the warm Black Sea the sea is one hundred and twelve kilometers away.

If Bzyb is the queen, then Kodor, who is in second place in length, is at least the prime minister.

Kodori River

Lacked in length by Bzybi by only seven kilometers, Kodor with its basin covers more than two thousand square kilometers, and freely and smoothly rushes its full waters through the forests and mountains of southern Abkhazia.

The Yupshara River does not claim high-ranking titles, but simply modestly flows out of Lake Ritsa (much like Coco Chanel from the hotel of the same name in Paris), with a modest length of less than thirteen kilometers and a bed slope of less than five percent, overflows at its maximum in May and becomes shallow in February.

Reference! In the reservoirs of Abkhazia there are fish that cannot tolerate water pollution: trout, carp, salmon and pike perch, which indicates a good environmental situation.

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